How To Disappear


Photo by Kloipy (Seth Dombach)

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13 responses to “How To Disappear

    • set the shutter to expose for 30 seconds. Sat down for about 10 of those seconds then walked off

    • I really don’t like using photoshop. I only use it really to brighten or bring up the contrast a bit

      • I’m addicted to photoshop, but it’s damn handy for album covers and things like that. I’d rather have a good enough camera not to need photoshop but my iPhone 4 is what I’m working with so I use PS to clean things up an make them presentable. I’ve still got to get you and Melissa a copy of this and last years albums. They’re both free here but I’ll get you a hard copy eventually.

      • I’d love to hear your thoughts on them. “Home” is all covers and “Ghost tracks” are the original songs I was experimenting with on the side while recording “Home”.
        Txt me your schedule and I’ll try and drop off some copies.

  1. Yo…lesz me tells ya…I gots these two boyz that if they be paid enough can makes you disappear for good …capish? ((good accent… huh? …..:)

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