DVD and Blu-Ray Roundup!

What’s releasing this week and should you check it out


I, unfortunately, did not get to catch this in the theater, however I’m facisnated to see what Scorsese’s take on a children’s film will be. Looks to be beautifully shot and an intriquing idea. And also did I mention it is Scorsese? Because.



JOSEPH CROSS is BORN2SUCK. Look at that dude’s forehead! Looks like someone ran a zamboni over it. I do love these films that try to cash in on the big budget flicks by having similar titals. I also love the neon lights coming from behind the cars. Vroom vroom! I can safetly say you can probably skip this.


The Manions of America

Got a little Manions in you?


Answers to Nothing

From IMDB: ‘Against the backdrop of a missing girl case, lost souls throughout Los Angeles search for meaning and redemption and affect each other in ways they don’t always see.” Currently sitting at a high 3.4 rating at IMDB, I think Dane Cook can hang up his SuperFinger when it comes to acting.


Beneath the Darkness

A movie about some teens trying to expose a local hero (I’m assuming Dennis Quaid) to be a sone cold killer. I’m hoping that this is the sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen or what ever mulitple children movie he did. I love his facial expression on this poster. He looks very disappointed in his career. Either that or he’s taking a massive dump.


They’re Not Going to Laugh at You

I have no idea what this is but I’m loving this Fat Chris Angel look


Honestly; there are a lot of other DVD’s releasing this week but they all look terrible. You have ‘Wolf Town’, ‘My Little Pony’, and more. Check back next week for more DVD and Blu-Ray releases. Click the link to purchase these on Amazon, but I don’t blame you if you don’t.


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