Stand By Me: Film Review

I was lucky enough to grow up in the time before the internet. I lived surrounded by forests and mountains. Each day growing up was a day spent exploring. Each discovery felt important, each step filled with the importance that childhood can bring to it. The days seemed as long as my shadow on the grass at noon. And at night, with the windows open, I’d listen to the songs of the crickets, the sweet whisper of the wind through the fields, and I count the stars until I fell asleep. TV at the time wasn’t important, it was my friends, and the tantalizing thought of what lay beyond that next hill. Continue reading


The Brown Bunny: Film Review


Have you ever taken a long drive with someone you really don’t like? Your eyes fixate on the road and you try not to talk because the less you have to deal with the jerk, the better. And from the onset of the ride you just keep wishing it was over. At many points in this trip, you look at the handle of the door and seriously contemplate throwing yourself from the speeding vehicle, as the result of hitting the pavement would be less injurious than having to spend another second with the person sitting beside you.  I’m using a metaphor to describe what it’s like to watch The Brown Bunny, but at the same time there is a literal sense as you’ll soon learn. Continue reading

It’s Me: Short Story

Written by Kloipy (Seth Dombach)

The warmth of the car had faded; but he sat with the keys in his hands; staring off to the grounds of the home. It had snowed during the day and a small layer covered everything, giving a fresh clean look to the world under the light posts. The cloud bank had broken up and he could see patches of stars between the dark gaps. Some of the trees had white lights strung along them, when he blinked they looked just like the stars, a distant twinkle. The parking lot was just about empty, but he had parked as far away as possible.

 “Why the hell did I come here?” he said, his words coming out in a cloud of cold. He laid his head on the steering wheel and closed his eyes, building the courage to open the door and stand up. Continue reading

Hatchet 2: Film Review

Victor Crowley is back! And this time he’s unrated (and it’s personal)! Unfortunately for me, Victor failed to bring plot structure, character development, dread, fright, comedy, suspense, and good dialogue, back with him.  Adam Green’s Hatchet failed to illicit any real response from me other than then a pale comparison to what was enjoyable about the slasher/monster film in the first place. However, I did see genuine promise in what he was striving for. Continue reading

Stephen King’s Bag of Bones Miniseries Review

It is my unfortunate duty to inform the viewing public that if you are a fan of Stephen King or for that matter, good book to film adaptations, then you need to stay far away from Mick Garris’s Bag of Bones. In fact, do yourself a favor and stay away from anything done by Mick Garris. He has finally cemented the fact that he should no longer direct anything. If he wants to produce, that is more than fine, but as a director he fails the audience, the novel, the screenplay, the actors, and pretty much everything else involved in the project. Continue reading

Martyrs Film Review


Martyrs has me conflicted. I actually thought it was good, but I can’t really recommend it without a caveat or even watch it ever again. Most times it’s easy to distance yourself emotionally from a movie; however some films grab you and shake. I felt that way the first time I saw Taxi Driver, The Shining, and Requiem for a Dream, among other films. This movie had the same effect on me. When it ended I didn’t want to talk to anyone for awhile. I needed some time to try to wipe off the lingering feeling. The second it ended I took it out of the DVD player and had to step outside. Continue reading

Funny Games Movie Review


Michael Haneke’s Funny Games is quite possibly the greatest movie of all time, a daring cinematic vision that begs to be seen! Wait! Grab the delete button, go back to the beginning of the review, we can’t start it off that way can we knowing what we know? The way this review should have started off is: This movie is complete bullshit! Think that I’m cheating? Well Haneke uses the same tactic when one of the villains in the movie gets shot; the other bad guy grabs the remote control, rewinds the actual movie, and starts it over again so he can save the other bad guy, so I’m going to use his technique to review his stupid movie. Haneke made this movie basically to say to the people who paid money to see this; “what are you willing to put up with movie violence, look at all you sick people coming to see the movie I made, you disgust me”. Continue reading

RIP Earl Scruggs

Today is a sad day in the bluegrass world. Earl Scruggs has died at 88. Now I’m not a huge country music fan but I do love some of the older stuff and bluegrass in particular has a special place in my heart. Scruggs was a champion and legend with the banjo. His stamp on the field will always be recognized. If you haven’t heard of his work before, check below for some great examples: Continue reading