Rush Limbaugh: The Troll is Well Fed

Rush Limbaugh: The shambling phallic symbol

Rush Limbaugh is a dangerous joke. A joke because what he says is absolute nonsense. And dangerous because people actually agree with him. There is a current war on women’s rights. And Rush is one of the leaders of that parade.

Limbaugh’s argument against Georgetown student Sandra Fluke is this: because she thinks it is a right that (and it should be) for insurance companies to provide birth control in their plans that this means that we are paying for her to be a ‘slut’. Rush also thinks that if we provide this service that he should get something in return, which is the pornographic tapes of these women having sex. It is really difficult to write that sentence and believe someone who has a large soapbox to screech from actually said that to his listening public. But then again this is the racist, sexist, drug addict Rush Limbaugh who we are talking about so it should not be so shocking.

I’m not certain why the conservative’s have gotten so hung up on sex and especially a woman’s sexuality but it is time to put an end to it. This speaks of little boys running away from girls in the playground because they have ‘cooties’. They want to take away a woman’s right to choose and now want to take away a woman’s right to protect themselves from having to make that decision in the first place makes no sense whatsoever. It seems these people are saying that sex is nothing more than procreation and those who do it for pleasure are nothing more than whores or sluts. This coming from someone who and who’s party he backs, has multiple male-centric skeletons in the closet makes me think ‘thou doth protest too much’.

Hiding behind the 1st amendment, Limbaugh feels like he is able to spew this hateful rhetoric on a daily basis without any repercussions. Rush Limbaugh is the Westboro Baptist Church with a much bigger audience. He is not just giving hypotheticals, he is doing nothing more than hate speech. Whether it’s targeted at democrats, women, homosexuals, minorities, or more, it is just hate speech. This is a man who truly believes what he’s saying, as his slogan says, is ‘on loan from God’. I’ve read the bible and Rush, and you are no Christian.

This country, as advanced as we should be, is still stuck on 19th century ideals. It is nothing but ridiculous that we are still having arguments as to whether or not gay marriage should be legal. Politicians are doing nothing more than pushing their supposed ‘religious morals’ onto the rest of this ‘free country’. You can pursue happiness but as long as it is heterosexual happiness. Conservatives: why are you so afraid of gay people? What affect does it have on your life if two people love each other and want to commit to each other? I love the stance that this is a war of the sanctity of marriage. I think the fact that there have been reality shows based upon marrying a millionaire, we can pretty much say that sanctity is gone from heterosexual marriage; just ask Newt Gingrich, I’m sure he’ll have a lot to say about it. Gay people deserve to have the same rights as anyone else does and to malign a whole group of people and tell them they are wrong is nothing but hateful bigotry.

Does Rush consider his wife a 'slut'?

If you believe in America, you should believe that people have the right to do with their bodies what they choose to. To have government try to regulate that is to me unconstitutional. I have a daughter, and if she grew up to be gay, I hope I don’t have to talk to her about why she can’t get married. I don’t want to tell her that she can’t have sex unless she’s ready to have a child because birth control and abortion has been banned. I don’t want her to be forced to believe in a religious ideal that she doesn’t follow. I want her to have the same exact opportunity as anyone else does.

The worst thing about this is that we still live in such a separated society. To the conservatives like Rush, it’s the white middle and upper class against the rest of the population. When you break it all down we are all people. We are all confused as to why we are here and what our purpose is. Our skin may be different and our gender might be different but we are all carbon based life forms on a planet spinning slowly in space. Why do we spend so much time trying to tell others how to live their lives? If they aren’t hurting someone else, why is it any concern of Rush’s, or mine, or anyone else.

The FCC did everything they could to run Howard Stern off of the radio because he openly discussed sex on the radio and things that they felt were offensive to their sensibilities. However they seem to have no problem with the hate speech on a daily basis from people like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity. Really goes to show the priorities and the values that the FCC holds near and dear to them and what some in this country find as acceptable entertainment. I guess it’s because these people are owned by Clear Channel who in turn make lots and lots of money for them.

For the good of our nation, let’s stop giving credence and platform to those who make their living on hating others and calling it ‘news and opinion’. We are all humans and we all deserve rights.

Oh and Rush- stop saying that God is on your side. I’m sure She’s turned her back on you a long time ago.


26 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh: The Troll is Well Fed

  1. This is so true. I am so glad you are speaking out against him. He is an embarassment to the human race. He makes me so mad, I cannot even explain. I was planning on doing a blog about this. He needs to be fired, called out, and reprimanded, if not more! Great job!

    • Thank you! I agree people have a right to free speech but when it’s hate speech and backed by major corporations, that’s when I have a huge problem with it

      • Hey it’s everyone’s duty to stand up for their fellow man (or woman). I have a wife and a daughter who I love more than anything, and they deserve nothing but the same rights and respect as any man does

      • I know, you think by now we would have evolved enough. But then again some of them don’t believe in evolution….

  2. I also don’t understand men who want a 50’s housewife, who does everything without talking back and never expresses her feelings. If a guy wants that he should just get a Roomba

    • *Update* He’s saying now that he’ll buy women asprin to put between their legs as contreception.
      What a fucking lunatic

      • Yeah he said, as much as they need; as if how much sex you have equals how many pills you take. This guy needs to be shut down immediately. He doesn’t even understand biology or how birth control works. He needs to grow his own vagina in a jar because he obviously hates the women attached to said vaginas! Ludicrous!!

      • looks like Obama called Ms. Fluke and now sponsors are pulling from his show. Hopefully this will be the start of the end of his career

      • Yeah, hopefully. I think it should have been done long ago. I cannot believe no Republicans are coming out against this. Proves what I’ve thought about them all along. It almost makes me want to cry, this world and country is so fucked up. I do not understand.

      • the problem is that it’s a a country run by a lot of people with the older ‘values’ hopefully in 40 years things will be different

      • Yeah, true. We cannot wait 40 years though. It’s gotta be today. It shouldn’t have taken this long. I’m trying to sign this petition at but there’s so much traffic, it won’t go through yet.

      • Ha! that’s great that the site is down. And I’m with you I hope it ends before 40 years. people have to change the perception and stop giving voice to people like this and santorum, ect

      • It’s actually not good that the site is down, its a petition AGAINST Rush. *lol* Exactly, this right wing extremist rhetoric has got to be stopped. People cannot possibly believe this bullshit! How can they even think it is okay, acceptable, or that people won’t question it?

  3. Amen Seth. You make a great point about the whole Howard Stern/FCC stuff. The FCC should be more upset about his hate speech!

  4. Rush also thinks that if we provide this service that he should get something in return, which is the pornographic tapes of these women having sex

    he said what????

    • Jarv, yep he actually said that. And then the next day he said that he would buy all these women aspirin that they could stick between their knees if they wanted birth control. He’s a disgusting pig. Now that all his sponsors are dropping from his show he gave an apology that everyone knows is BS

      • Oh he is totally that backward Jarv. This is a man who is a bigot (played a song called Barack the magic Negro), made fun of Michael J. Fox’s parkinson’s, laughed about the tsunami in Japan, and I could go on and on and on. He, Glenn Beck, and the like are all the same and the sad thing is that they have a large audience who actually agrees with what they tell them to think

      • Someone needs to do something about the religious right in the US, frankly. They seem to have far too much sway.

      • well, that’s what concerns me about the upcomming election. The GOP doesn’t have a really strong candidate but the popular opinion of Obama is not very high right now and he’ll have a large hill to climb.
        Not sure if you follow american politics much but if you’ve seen or heard much from the republican candidates for the next election, there are some very frightning ideas coming from these people

      • The MIssus is in a right mood with Obama, and isn’t going to bother voting this time. She thinks he’s been, in her words, a fucking let down.

        The problem is that the Red States will remain resolutely red regardless, so I fail to see why they need to pander to the far right so much. It makes no sense to me at all.

        She gets her knickers in a twist at them, because she’s convinced Roe v Wade will be repealed.

      • I’m honestly not exactly ecstatic with Obama’s performance either. I think he’s done some good, but it’s exactly what I thought would happen when he ran. He had a lot of ideas but didn’t figure how hard it would be or the backlash he would receive on trying to make changes in washington. He also needs to stop bowing down to the republicans every time they disagree with a policy he wants.
        the scary part is that if a republican gets voted in, they will repeal anything he’s worked for. I can guarantee that the health care changes will be gone
        Also- if you’ve heard Rick Santorum, he’s saying he wants to give states the power to make abortion illegal along with birth control. I think they want to set us back about 75 years

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