Photos of Times and Places


All Photos taken by Kloipy (Seth Dombach) with a Nikon D60







Late Afternoon Glow


Dinner for One




The Old Man




On the Tracks


The Chill of the Morning


Fire Flower




Reflection by Sunset


To the Sky


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16 thoughts on “Photos of Times and Places

  1. Wolf – Foxglove is Digitalis, They synthesize it as a heart medication. The gophers in the yard will take out a full grown rose bush but leave Foxgloves alone.

    I like that close up a lot Kloipy. The hair on the lip and the light through the petal.

    • Thanks Barfy, i like how you can see the outline of the inside of the flower. I think they are pretty but did not want the risk. 3 year olds don’t really care

    • Yeh, digitalis – I know ’em coz I like those kind of plants, with tall flower spikes. I can sit in the garden for hours watching the bees going in and out of them.

      I get stuck into the gardening, cutting and whatnot – never had a problem. I’m a bit wary now though!

  2. Chill of the morning…good stuff.. have no idea why, but reminds of something Bradbury-esque…maybe Something Wicked This Way Comes.

    Nice batch of photos Kloipy!

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