Ready for Spring

The air in Pennsylvania is getting warmer. Buds are forming on the trees. Robin’s are flocking back for their early appearance. And I could not be more ecstatic. Spring is coming soon and the world is preparing to be born once again.

All Photos taken by Kloipy (Seth Dombach) with a Nikon D60

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THESE, I, singing in spring, collect for lovers,
(For who but I should understand lovers, and all their sorrow and joy?
And who but I should be the poet of comrades?)
Collecting, I traverse the garden, the world—but soon I pass the gates,
Now along the pond-side—now wading in a little, fearing not the wet,
Now by the post-and-rail fences, where the old stones thrown there, pick’d from the fields, have accumulated,
(Wild-flowers and vines and weeds come up through the stones, and partly cover them—Beyond these I pass,)
Far, far in the forest, before I think where I go,
Solitary, smelling the earthy smell, stopping now and then in the silence,
Alone I had thought—yet soon a troop gathers around me,
Some walk by my side, and some behind, and some embrace my arms or neck,
They, the spirits of dear friends, dead or alive—thicker they come, a great crowd, and I in the middle,
Collecting, dispensing, singing in spring, there I wander with them,
Plucking something for tokens—tossing toward whoever is near me;
Here! lilac, with a branch of pine,
Here, out of my pocket, some moss which I pull’d off a live-oak in Florida, as it hung trailing down,
Here, some pinks and laurel leaves, and a handful of sage,
And here what I now draw from the water, wading in the pondside,
(O here I last saw him that tenderly loves me—and returns again, never to separate from me,
And this, O this shall henceforth be the token of comrades—this Calamus-root shall,
Interchange it, youths, with each other! Let none render it back!)
And twigs of maple, and a bunch of wild orange, and chestnut,
And stems of currants, and plum-blows, and the aromatic cedar:
These, I, compass’d around by a thick cloud of spirits,
Wandering, point to, or touch as I pass, or throw them loosely from me,
Indicating to each one what he shall have—giving something to each;
But what I drew from the water by the pond-side, that I reserve,
I will give of it—but only to them that love, as I myself am capable of loving.

-Walt Whitman ”These, I, Singing in Spring”


15 thoughts on “Ready for Spring

  1. Excellent photos. Wow, Spring really is advanced over there…

    Spring for me, at the moment, is fishing dead frogs out of the pond. Lovely. The short cold snap got ’em.

    The butterfly is ace; what species is it? Looks like a Fritillary of some kind…

      • Top. The patterning is quite similar to some frittilaries. It’s very rare for a Monarch to reach the UK. Generally, some might get blown in off an Atlantic storm, hence the reason a high percentage of sightings have occurred on the coast. It is resident in S/W Europe, I believe – but Monarch’s munch on ‘milkweed’ and we don’t have those plants in the UK so it’s unlikely we’d ever see a resident Monarch colony here…

        By the way, I emailed you a sunrise photo, in respect of your sunset! Did that come through?

      • we mostly get moths around here, but every once and awhile we get some really pretty butterflies.
        I just got your picture, and it is beautiful my friend! What a shot 🙂

      • Yeh, not bad for an iPhone. I used to bad-mouth the camera on that, not anymore. This and the fact that it took a shot of Venus and Jupiter lined up in the night sky and actually picked up a cloud band on Jupiter! I couldn’t believe it.

        With ‘St Anne’s Sunrise’ (to give the photo its proper title – after the name of the church), coz I was shooting into the sun the clouds got dimmed. In the editor I just sharpened & punched up the contrast.

        Speaking of moths, I keep meaning to try a moth trap (humane, don’t worry) to see how many species are flying around here at night…

      • wow! that was an Iphone? that’s crazy!
        We get very weird types of moths like Luna moths and the like, very pretty as well

      • Yeh, a 3GS as well.

        I sent you a bee photo, taken with a Nikon SLR – proper film!

        All the interesting moths seem to come out at night. There are one or two good looking day-flyers – Emperor moth springs to mind, but I haven’t seen one of those yet.

        Doesn’t Stipe namecheck a Luna moth in a REM song?

      • Just got it and replied. Technology is crazy, except my cell phone which is as good as a cup and string. We get Emporer moths around here all the time. They are HUGE

      • Got it.

        I should’ve said the only lunar moth here is pretty much localised in the south of England, don’t see ’em up here – but I’m surprised I haven’t seen an Emperor when I’ve been out and about in Spring. They fly in April/ May here.

  2. Spring is looking up…

    Instead of more dead frogs there’s frog spawn in one of the ponds.

    Did some weeding and clearing in the garden, including the foxglove. I’m still alive…

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