In the Shadow: Photos


All Photos by Kloipy (Seth Dombach)
















4 thoughts on “In the Shadow: Photos

  1. Another great set of photos Kloipy. The deep colors of the first one are striking but I like the second one, the decomposing fish, the best. My first reaction was “eeew” but I needed a closer and longer look.

    What’s that purple blob in the fourth photo? Really grabs your attention from the dark of the brown leaves.

    • Thank you as always Barfy! that blob is actually a mushroom. I would say from the color that it probably isn’t safe to eat haha

    • I also dig the fish photo and that’s usually everyone’s first reaction but there is something else to it too

  2. Yeh, I like the purple mushy photo too!

    My fav is the house; looks like it’s made of chocolate… frosted chocolate.

    I’m so hungry I could eat a house… heh… See, normally, you’d say ‘horse’ but what I’ve done is, because… oh, never mind…

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