Prometheus Official Trailer

Now this is a movie I am really excited for!


6 thoughts on “Prometheus Official Trailer

  1. You and me both. It’s nice to see somebody else genuinely excited at the prospect of Ridley Scott wading back into science fiction.

    I’m trying not to get too carried away though – but I am desperate for a really good ‘Alien’ film. Having said that, I’m not concerned that it may not be an ‘Alien’ film in the traditional sense.

    • Yeah, I honestly don’t even care if the aliens appear in it. I love the concept for this movie. Seems so large in scope in terms of ideas. This is a movie that will definitely earn my money to see it on the big screen

      • Absolutely. It is flat-out not an issue for me.

        When Scott was off making all of his epics (plus not so epics!) I only wanted to see him return to science fiction – not necessarily ‘Alien’. I had always hoped he would return to the ‘Alien’ concept – but it doesn’t have to be all about the alien.

        I’m also interested to see what he does with the ‘space jockey’.

      • I’m not usually about needing prequels or full explanations, but I’m glad he’s going into the space jockey stuff with this. In Alien, seeing it there made the world he created so expansive and added so much more to how claustrophobic that first Alien film is

      • It’s one of the many questions that has persisted since 1979 – what is the space-jockey’s relation to the alien species? I’m not looking for a full answer, a partial one will do.

        I read that the s-j is wearing some kind of space suit in the chair. Intriguing.

  2. Not only does the movie look excellent, but the trailer itself is awesome purely in the scope of effective trailers.

    Can’t wait for this movie to come out. Michael Fassbender is always great and it’s nice to see Noomi Rapace getting some North American exposure.

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