Photography: A Fine Day


All Photos by Kloipy (Seth Dombach)




















By Ralph Waldo Emerson

‘Mine and yours;
Mine, not yours, Earth endures;
Stars abide–
Shine down in the old sea;
Old are the shores;
But where are old men?
I who have seen much,
Such have I never seen.

‘The lawyer’s deed
Ran sure,
In tail,
To them, and to their heirs
Who shall succeed,
Without fail,

‘Here is the land,
Shaggy with wood,
With its old valley,
Mound and flood.
“But the heritors?–
Fled like the flood’s foam.
The lawyer, and the laws,
And the kingdom,
Clean swept herefrom.

‘They called me theirs,
Who so controlled me;
Yet every one
Wished to stay, and is gone,
How am I theirs,
If they cannot hold me,
But I hold them?’

When I heard the Earth-song,
I was no longer brave;
My avarice cooled
Like lust in the chill of the grave.



3 thoughts on “Photography: A Fine Day

  1. Good stuff again, Kloipy.

    Bug – is it a damsel fly?

    Roots – my fav. That is a top photo.

    That glove looks a bit camp though…

    Oddly, I’ve been snapping tulips as well! They’re just starting to open in my garden…

    • Thanks Wolf! I love the roots photo, makes the tree look alive and dangerous almost. i do believe that is a damsel fly, good call on that one.

      the Glove one was very odd, because I was just walking along and it was there out of the blue for no reason. Had to snap that one

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