Top 10 Great Television Comedies

By no means is this the definitive list. But these are some shows I love and I’m not apologizing for that.

10. Sanford and Son

I’m not sure what it is that I love about Sanford and Son. But I’ve been watching it since I was a teenager and still watch it today. I’m not sure why I relate to the story of an elderly junk-selling black man and his neurotic son, but damn does it speak to me.  Also, it has one of the greatest theme songs of all time.

Clip Below:




9. Seinfeld

Seinfeld is really a property of its time. The show reeks of the nineties in every way. However, unlike shows like Friends that don’t stand up past the fad, Seinfeld is still hilarious after all these years. It’s a show that almost everyone can quote a line from or argue over what episode is their favorite. It is a show that features such great characters that stay true to their character all the time. And when you look at them they are all terrible people. It’s really paved the way for the unlikable protagonist that is currently featured in shows such as its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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8. The Kids in the Hall

Kids in the Hall were brought to life by Lorne Michaels who founded Saturday Night Live. It is a sketch comedy show that embraced weirdness and absurdity. It is definitely not a show for everyone. I think all it would take would be to watch one episode to figure out if you would like it or not. A show that really pushed the boundaries of what was being done on television at the time and feels like nothing else.

Clip Below:





7. Upright Citizens Brigade

UCB is now known more for its live stage show than it is for the short lived television series on Comedy Central. I think had they been able to keep going they really could have done some great stuff. But what is there is amazing. All I can say is watch the clip below:





6. Get a Life

Another show that was cancelled too soon, but only because it was too ahead of its time. Starring one of my favorite comedians, Chris Elliott, Get a Life followed the most unlikeable person ever as he messed up everyone’s lives. He died multiple times on the show, killed and ate an alien, and built a working submarine in a bathtub (and got attacked by a giant octopus while in it). Unfortunately the series still hasn’t had a good release on DVD yet.

Clip Below:



5. American Dad

I’m not a huge fan of Family Guy. I liked it when it first came out, but it is way too hit and miss for me. I get tired of the constant cutaways. American Dad is not only one of my favorite comedy shows but I think it’s also one of the funniest shows on television right now. It took about a season to really find its legs, but once it did it has been consistently hilarious in every season and almost every episode. Each character is developed and each one is funny. So many times I’ve been watching it and something has caught me so off guard that I can’t stop laughing. A great show.

Clip Below:





4. Mr. Show

HBO was the perfect forum for Mr. Show. They could say and do what they wanted and what they did was crack me up constantly. It’s perverse, offensive, crazy, but ultimately hilarious. This is sketch comedy done right and also a spring board for many comedians.

Clip Below:





3. Monty Python’s Flying Circus

There really is nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said about Monty Python. They were the godfather’s of surreal humor.  Completely breaking conventions of TV (like rolling the credits halfway through the show, extreme violence, and utter nonsense) Python has deserved its acclaim among the greats of comedy.

Clip Below:





2. Mystery Science Theater 3000

This is a show built around two robots and a man making fun of old B Movies. That’s practically the whole show, but this show was so influential in my sense of humor. I started watching it when it first started on Comedy Central (then a fledgling network) and I was young. The way that they would just bring so much life into such bad films just filled me with joy. I’m glad to know that they are still doing it with Rifftrax but nothing makes me more nostalgic than the ending theme of MST3K.

Clip Below:




1. The Simpsons

I would be lying to myself if I put anything other than The Simpsons at number 1. I know people are still complaining that it’s not what it used to be. Of course it isn’t, writers change and the show evolved.  Do I think it’s better than it was? No. But it is still good. But when it was in the highlight of its years, it is the best comedy that was ever on television. Seasons 3-8 have so many classic moments and are just as funny today as they were when they aired. The Simpsons will always hold a special place in my heart and the day it ends I’m sure I’ll still shed a tear. The Simpsons are almost like a part of my family.

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20 thoughts on “Top 10 Great Television Comedies

  1. I’ve only seen a few of these. The Simpsons (natch), Seinfeld. Love both. American Dad is okay, but I hate Family Guy.

    We never got Sanford and Son that I can remember. I like Arrested Development, Curb, The Office (UK), Fawlty Towers, to name a few.

    • Family Guy had too much hype when it came back and has it made me laugh from time to time, yes. I mean the episode with Bird is the Word part had me rolling on the floor for like 10 minutes straight, but it’s SO hit and miss and so much of it feels lazy to fill time

    • I’m with you! HATE Family Guy with a passion! As much of a rebel as I used to THINK Bart Simpson was, at least he wasn’t some infant Anti-Christ! Then you have that retard, Peter, who has absolutely NO love for his daughter! How do I know this if I don’t watch? My niece would bring dvds of the show over and it was pathetic! The neighborhood has a geriatric peodophile! (and to think, Fred Flintstone used to worry about Barney’s pool playing being a bad influence on Pebbles!) One thing I would like to see from that show is the TRUTH about Stewie’s origin. They can call it ‘Lois’ Baby’. (Cue ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ theme!). Hint Hint.

      On the same topic, my favorite comedies, then and fairly current… All in the Family, The Jefferson’s (Didn’t care for Maude, but some of All in the Family’s issues bugged me, too..still the writing was good on both shows even if I didn’t agree with their views) Less controverisal shows…’Taxi’ was a fun show! Louie reminded me of Oscar the Grouch, and years later, Danny DeVito was one of the producers for Man on the Moon (about Andy Kaufman). Also, Golden Girls, Cheers and Fraiser. I don’t watch much t.v. anymore as I work evenings. and I spend too much time at the computer when I am home!

  2. […] Top 10 Great Television Comedies – A great list with quite a bit of YouTube, and you know who comes in at #1.  He’s easier on Zombie Simpsons than I am, but I wholeheartedly agree with this: But when it was in the highlight of its years, it is the best comedy that was ever on television. Seasons 3-8 have so many classic moments and are just as funny today as they were when they aired. […]

  3. I’ve only seen Monty Python – which is a huge favourite of mine. It got me through secondary school!

    The Mr Show clip made me laugh, as did the Kids In The Hall. But I’m not a big telly watcher. I’ve only just started to pick a few series up on Lovefilm.

      • sure you can off the top of my head

        According to Jim, Till Death, Big bang theory, How i met your Mother, Two and Half Men(but only with Kutcher that comic god) She’s the Sheriff, Three’s Company, The Paul Riser Show, Joanie Loves Chachi…

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