Music Spotlight: 5 Songs, 1 Theme

Each week you pick a theme, I’ll provide 5 songs to fit that theme!

Read the rest of the article to find out the winner and songs!

Theme of the Week:


This week’s winner is: Gore Girl! This girl knows her horror, probably more than anyone I know. Check out her awesome site HERE


5. Nine Inch Nails: Heresy



4. Dethklok: Fan Song




3. Ugly Kid Joe: I Hate Everything About You





2. Soundgarden: Blow Up the Outside World





1. Marilyn Manson: Beautiful People


That’s it for this week! Get your themes in for next week in the comments section or reply @Kloipy on Twitter! Winners will get their name and a link to the website of their choice on this page next week!


3 thoughts on “Music Spotlight: 5 Songs, 1 Theme

  1. Thanks for the props Kloipy!
    A list of misanthropic melodies just isn’t complete without NIN! I am particularly fond of your Dethklok choice! Soundgarden, Marilyn Mansen; all great choices! EXCEPT… and I can’t say it isn’t perfectly appropriate for this list…Ugly Kid Joe…I freaking hate that damn Ugly Kid Joe song!

    Again, I can not help but cite my man Nick Cave. I have been on a real Cave kick lately… Nick Cave – People They Just Ain’t No Good…

    “It ain’t that in their hearts they’re bad. They can comfort you, some even try.
    They nurse you when you’re ill of health. They bury you when you go and die.
    It ain’t that in their hearts they’re bad. They’d stick by you if they could .
    But that’s just bullshit People just ain’t no good.”

    • Hahaha! Yeah it’s not the greatest song I will admit. Dethklok does seem to personify misanthropy 🙂

  2. Yeh that Ugly Kid Joe song winds me up as well!

    The rest are pretty much spot on.

    Don’t know what I’d have meself – just about anything from the mid-1970’s Punk movement. I can think of a few by Crass, or The Exploited… I haven’t listened to any of those in years though!

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