Zak Bagans: Ghost Puncher

There are many Ghost Hunting shows on television these days. Most feature the exact same set up and execution. A group of people go in to some abandoned or supposedly haunted building. Night vision cameras are turned on and every creak or dust particle passing by is a ghost waiting to possess someone. Sometimes a psychic is brought in and sometimes someone gets ‘possessed’ and we are forced to listen to explanation about magnetic fields and ghost-goo and so forth. Continue reading


Once it’s Gone

Photo and Poem by Kloipy (Seth Dombach)


Glimpse of the Intruder

Your eyes say a thousand words
Your lips could never say
To stare too intently
Into those vast, unyielding oceans
You find yourself reflected backwards
Trapped inside an iris Continue reading

So You Live in a Post-Apocalyptic World: Now What?


You wake up one morning. The birds aren’t singing. The sun isn’t shining. You open your window to a desolate and deserted world. Fire is raining from the sky and what was once a place of beauty is now a burnt shell of the populated society you once knew. Everything you once knew is gone.

You may be thinking ‘This stinks’. Well fret not my little lost soul, you can turn this ‘Wasteland’ into a ‘Graceland’

And here’s how! Continue reading

4 Easy (Unethical) Steps to Beating ‘The Oregon Trail’

If you were born in the 80’s chances are that eventually you had a computer class. In this class, sitting behind what were slow and ancient machines that required things called ‘floppy disks’. At some point in your young adult life you probably came across what is perhaps the best game of all time: The Oregon Trail.

Now, ‘The Oregon Trail’ was created as a ‘learning tool’ to help kids learn about early settlers and how to manage life and family, and hopefully find success in your journey when you finally set digital foot on Oregon. However- the game usually devolved rather quickly into irony. Continue reading

Announcement Time!


Hello all my friendly blog followers! I wanted to update everyone with some cool news. If you are a fan of this site (and I hope you are!) I first want to say that I will not be shutting down this site, I love writing it and I’m glad you read it!

But I wanted to let everyone know that I will now also be partnering at the film site

Pop Culture Ninja (click the link to check it out)

There you will find all sorts of reviews, essays, news on Film, Lit, and Music. Plus a Podcast coming soon!




Cassini Mission Video



This video made by Youtube member Cabbas, showcases footage taken by NASA’s Cassini mission (Yes I’m kind of a space dork). This is beautiful and highlights my favorite planet: Saturn