My Dear, My Dear, My Dearest: A Poem

Poem and Photo by: Kloipy (Seth Dombach)


Though you are not here I can still feel you

The ebb and flow of your breathing like the ancient river

In the wild; wonder

I can see you still though you see me not

You; with your dangerous, delicate fingers

Touch me and I am turned anew

I become undone

 frail, frazzled, frenzied

by the graceful glance of your brilliant eye


I hear not; your voice

But the whisper of your words floats upon the air

Gliding down to fall gracefully on my ears

That I could give you all but my dying breath

To spend one second in your presence; again

To deconstruct myself piece by piece

To feel the warm humble embrace

Eternally living in a second of your exquisite existence


A lasting memory that haunts; plays endlessly

Quiet chaos that smoothes my temper

Erodes over time to gain the soft, polished vision of transformation

There is energy in your skin and your lips a gentle Siren

Beckoning on and on across the distance

My dear, my dear, my dearest

I am beguiled by you; wiled by you

You are gone from me now

But I will spend my days building you a way back


4 thoughts on “My Dear, My Dear, My Dearest: A Poem

    • thank you so much for reading it, I’m glad you liked it. Kind of flowed out like the river picture 🙂

  1. Interesting.

    I know that’s usually commenter’s code for ‘didn’t like it’ but no, I mean it’s interesting.

    I recall getting told off at school for not writing a poem for my homework. I wrote a line, got stuck – wrote a story instead. The structure confuses me. Mind you, pulling the cellophane off new DVD’s confuses me so I’m not saying much there…

    Anyway I think I told the teacher that stories were better than poems because only puffs wrote poems and I got detention.

    • i was in an e.e. cummings mood and i think that influenced the style. But since you hated it that’s fine…. Just kidding 🙂

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