Top 10 Pixar Scenes to Make you Cry


Pixar has it out for me. They want me to cry. And, unfortunately for my tear ducts, they are good at it


10. Ratatouille: Ego’s Meal

There is something so satisfying about watching Anton Ego eat the titular meal. His disdain for what had been a love at one point is written all over this scene. As the dish is uncovered, each layer of food is rendered so beautifully with what almost seems to be soft focus. We see Ego, ready to pre-judge, take the fork to his lips, and the moment he bites, his eyes expand and we are slingshot back into his childhood where his memories of growing up are shown in bright, beautiful color. It’s a scene that so beautifully depicts the feeling of revelation and remembrance, that it is hard not to feel the same way as Ego.


9.  The Incredibles: Dash can run on water

I remember sitting in the theater watching this movie, I was having a blast with it up to this point, but then Dash started running across the water. It’s not that there is even a hint of sadness in this scene but the moment when Dash realizes what he’s doing and does a little laugh and goes even faster is sublime. I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear watching this scene. Just taking in all the detail, realizing how far animation had come and wondering just what the future held. Just a perfect small moment in film filled with greatness.



8. Finding Nemo: Daddy’s here

In a shockingly violent opening, we see Marlin lose not only his wife to a barracuda, but also all but one of his unborn children. Marlin finds that one of the eggs survived. He picks the egg up and cradles it in his fins, and tells his son that he will protect him. As a father, this scene gets me every time. My daughter was in the NICU after she was born because she had stopped breathing a few times. I remember holding that tiny little girl in my arms and telling her that everything would be ok and that daddy would always be there for her. I saw the film before becoming a parent, and seeing it afterward definitely brought this scene into perspective.



7. Toy Story 2: Jessie’s Lament

In a heartbreaking moment in what is a mostly joyful film, Jessie the Cowgirl, with help from Sarah ‘Make you cry like a Girl’ McLaughlin remembers her lifetime spent with her owner. How it went from a time spent running through golden fields, to being neglected for years underneath a bed, finally to being left in a box to be taken away. If the song doesn’t get you, it’s the look on Jessie’s face when she realizes that she hasn’t been brought out to play but to be left behind on the side of the road.



6.Wall-E: Dancing with the Stars

There is just something about the eyes of Wall-E that get me. You wouldn’t think a tiny little robot with basically no face could be so expressive. It’s watching Wall-E dance with Eve between the stars that fills your heart with gladness.




5. Finding Nemo: Marlin lets go

Marlin spends the majority of Finding Nemo trying to protect his son from the dangers of the outside world. Marlin has good reason to be over-protective of his only remaining child, but by the end he realizes that part of being a parent is preparing your son or daughter to go out on their own. It’s at the end that Marlin learns to loosen up a bit and let Nemo go. It’s not when Nemo leaves, but when he rushes back to hug his father again before heading off to school that the tears start welling. Finding Nemo is a great children’s film, but the lessons it teaches you as a parent are even better.



4. Monster’s Inc: KITTY!

The people at Pixar are geniuses in many regards but it’s their ability to make you care so much about the character’s so much that makes them a cut above almost all other films of the last 20 years. Monster’s Inc is a really fun movie, but it’s the last few seconds of the movie that are the best. After Sully thinks he’s lost contact with Boo forever, we see that Mike has re-structured the door to Boo’s world so Sully can see her again. Stepping through the door with his hulking frame, we hear Boo yell her pet name for Sully, and the fact that the camera is focused on Sully’s face only as it lights up is truly a moment of divinity.



3. Toy Story 3: Woody says Goodbye

Although there is currently another Toy Story film in the works, I really wish they would have ended it with 3. Seeing Woody watch as Andy drives away forever after delivering a speech that fulfilled Woody’s motives as Andy’s favorite toy, is cathartic for the audience too. It’s the recognition of all the unsung work Woody had done over the years unbeknownst to Andy that truly hits home. They are both letting each other go, but the fondness and love remains even though they are apart.



2. Wall-E: Saved with a kiss

Throughout Wall-E, we have seen him as such an expressive and gentle character. One with so much emotion and feeling, that when after being rebooted, we see Wall-E as nothing more than an automaton, just busying himself with what he was programmed for that it comes with an overwhelming sadness. Eve tries her best to bring him back, but in his eyes (those damned eyes again) that the spark of his spirit is gone. But when Eve places his hand in hers (something Wall-E had dreamed about) and brings him back with a kiss of life, it’s his little ‘Eve-a?’ that made we start blubbering. Just a beautiful film through and through.



1.       Up:  A life lived together

If anyone were to ask me what makes Pixar so good, I would have to do nothing more than show them the opening, wordless montage from Up. Never before has a moment in a film hit me so hard as the beginning of this movie. With such a maturity, Up captures the ups and downs of marriage, from the good to the bad, and what sticking beside each other feels like. By the end of this scene, I was openly weeping, not just a few little tears, but the full out ‘I need to pause this, and wipe the snot off my face’ type of crying. The scene itself is so beautiful, but it’s helped even more so by the incredible score by Michael Giacchino, which is at first whimsical and bounding, but by the end somber and touching while doing no more than slowing down the refrain.  Just hearing the score or thinking about this scene can make me start to cry sometimes. Marriage is a beautiful thing, never easy, but more rewarding than you can imagine. Love is not about just kissing or holding hands, it’s about two people who are there for each other during the good and the bad. It is a gift to be able to have it, but it comes with high price of knowing that someday it will be gone. If nothing else this scene shows you the importance of holding on to what you have while you still can.






14 thoughts on “Top 10 Pixar Scenes to Make you Cry

    • Hahaha thanks 🙂 I know these scenes just slay me. Espcially the UP scene. That one gets me everytime

    • Wall-E is so great. Just a beautiful film. I feel so bad for Andrew Stanton with the whole John Carter thing, but I hope it doesn’t scare him off of directing

  1. Dude I suggest this cause I care, you might need to see if the estrogen is too high in your system.

  2. Neither of the Toy Story sequels connected on an emotional level with me. The whole thing about Toy Story 3 “making grown men cry”? Nope. Nada. I was much more emotionally invested in The Incredibles. The whole sequence where Syndrome shoots the plane out of the sky, and Mr Incredible thinks his family died. Great stuff.

    • It got worse for me once I had a kid with the whole crying thing at Pixar movies. It is just different now. Hard to explain it

  3. This post meant a lot to me while I was reading it, and I thank you for it. Not only am I a huge fan of animated movies, and striving to attain a career in them, but I am also a daughter who has always had a strained relationship with my father. My father was always a strong cold man and while growing up I would always forget that he actually loved me. It wasn’t until I was eighteen that I first saw my father cry, and it was the moment he tried to tell me that he regretted our emotional distance from each other. I regret to say that at the moment I was still too young and angry to understand. It is only recently that I have realized that it took my father growing older, wiser, and yes stronger, that he was able to realize his own emotions and try to express them. Reading your post has made me remember this, and that being a father only develops a mans emotions beautifully. But now I must end this comment because I can no longer see the screen through my tears and I need to blow my nose. Thank you again.

    • Thank YOU, for this beautiful comment. since my daughter was born I strive to be the best father that I can possibly be and let her know she is loved every day. And having her definitely taught me more about myself than I ever thought possible. thank you!

      • You’re welcome! On a lighter note I watched Wall-E right after reading this. I hadn’t watched it since the theaters and it was even better than I remembered. 🙂

  4. Did you put this up at Moonwolves?

    Anyway, cowboy the eff up, yer big girl’s blouse – they’re only cartoons!

    I’ve only seen Monsters Inc. I didn’t remotely feel like crying.

  5. Oh my god, I have tears running down my face and I haven’t even read what you wrote (I will I promise), just remembered the Monsters INC scene and holy crap…EVERYTIME I see that scene I cry, no matter who am I with or anything…It just gets me everytime…I was, what? 9 years when that movie came and I remember feeling an intense heart ache when Boo opens her closet door and it is just that…a closet; and then, the whole god damn scene when they reconstruct the door and put it to function and he opens the door and she says Kitty…the expression in Sulley’s face…lights my heart, seriously. Apparently there is a sequel coming over and I’m stupidly excited about it.
    In relation to Ratatouille, I watched it when I was older and that scene, I remember, watered my eyes not only because of the story but because it was incredibly beautiful in an aesthetic way, the colors…oh god.
    I haven’t pulled myself together to watch Toy Story 3 because everyone who told me that had seen it said that they were all depressed and crying…and I’m not just not ready. Same happens with Up, but that’s already on my list.
    I could comment on every scene, but I got stuff to do (No, mom, please…let me keep commenting on people’s blog forever!).
    Great entry, cheers.

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