10 Weird Movies You Should See


If you are looking to expand your film viewing into a strange realm, here is a list of 10 movies that are a good primer for the field!


10. Dreams

Akira Kurasowa’s ‘Dreams’ is a very odd movie not only in the way it’s shot, but the way it’s structured as well. I can’t really go into much detail about the film as it’s very difficult to explain. However it is worth watching for it’s visuals. Very beautiful to look at.



9. Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder is the film equivalent of a mind-fuck. Honestly this movie is terrifying and will really play with your head the whole way through. Watch this movie alone late at night if you need to stay up. Seriously, do yourself a favor and check this out. I first saw this when I was my parent’s friend’s house. They were out talking while I was watching TV and this movie came on. Needless to say it messed my little brain up hahaha. But this movie holds up so well and is just as frightening (if not more so) today



8. Synechdoche, New York

Charlie Kaufman always makes strange movies. That is not a surprise. However, his directorial debut is one of the strangest of his catalogue so far. A meditation on life and how you view the world and others and what that can take on, this film is beautiful and challenging. This is a movie that demands more than one viewing to really take it all in.



7. Tideland

Tideland is to me a beautiful disaster. It was slammed by critics and moviegoers alike. A story of a young girl who escapes into her own fantasy world after her drug addicted parents die and she is left alone in an old house in the middle of nowhere. I mean for ¾’s of the movie Jeff Bridges is a rotting corpse in the house while the little girl feeds him and dresses him up. I can totally understand why people hate this movie, but for some reason I was captivated by it and I think it is worth at least one viewing.




6. Videodrome

James Wood’s puts a vhs tape inside of his newly formed stomach-vag. Do I need to say more? A classic body horror from Cronenberg, and an ahead-of-it’s-time satire about media and its effects on the viewer.



5. Freaked

From Alex Winter (from Bill and Ted films and The Idiot Box) made what is in my opinion one of the most absurd and hilarious comedies ever made. This movie is weird and is shamefully unseen by most people. You’ll never look at a Styrofoam Cup the same again.



4. Pink Flamingos

A Warning: If you are at all sensitive to the grotesque or have hang ups about nudity/sex this is definitely not the movie for you. John Water’s seminal shock film. This movie still is shocking even by today’s standards. This is not Hairspray. So I’ll posit this question: Can you handle a butthole singing ‘Surfin’ Bird’? If you answered no, then stay away from Pink Flamingos.



3.  Gummo

Gummo is a movie that I love and I hate. It’s filthy, disgusting, brilliant, terrible. The first time I watched it, once the credits rolled, I sat in silence for a long time, then I rewound the tape and watched it again. This movie feels like it’s real and a nightmare. When I used to work at a popular video store I used to recommend it to teeny-boppers looking for a Friday night flick. Hope they enjoyed it.




2. Eraserhead

It’s so hard to pick a weird Lynch film to recommend. But this is the Lynch-pin (hardy har har). This movie is, make no mistake, a horror film. Lynch’s use of sound and black and white, creates such a horrifying vision of parenthood and relationships. The ‘baby’ in this movie still freaks me out to this day.




1. The Holy Mountain

As much as I love El Topo, I think The Holy Mountain is a better movie. Like Jodorowsky’s other film’s this is steeped in religious allegory and symbolism. And it is absolutely amazing. One of my all time favorite movies and has the best twist ending ever.




25 thoughts on “10 Weird Movies You Should See

    • ‘Cock-a-doodledoo doodledoo doodledoo’

      Un Chien Andalou just seemed to me like it would be on everyone elses list as it seems like it’s required viewing in any ‘Introduction to Surrealism’ class so I just skipped it haha. But yes it is weird.

      I love the nod to it in Oldboy

  1. Dig Kaufman but didn’t much care for Synechdoche, New York. I should probably give it a re-watch one of these days. I am quite fond of all of the other films here although have not seen Freaked. Glad to see a John Waters film on the list…love all the old Waters stuff, but Pink Flamingos along with Female Trouble are my faves. You already know how I feel about Jodorowsky. Always makes me happy to see him represented on any list.

    • I love Water’s too. His newer stuff not so much but Female Trouble, Polyester, even up to Serial Mom, he has some fantastic stuff. His one man show ‘This Filthy World’ is definitely worth a watch. No one captures trashy like Waters.
      You should definitely check out Freaked if you get a chance. It’s so weird and absurd. It is really funny

  2. At whose house did you watch Jacob’s Ladder? I’m such a bad parent….and we even watched Eraserhead together. But, on the plus side, we also watched Dreams together.

  3. wait, Eraserhead isn’t a natural part of growing up?

    I also saw Jacob’s Ladder at a young age–6th grade I think. Didn’t seem to do any truly irreparable damage.

    I like some of these, loathe others. Tideland, Synechdoche, and Gummo just do not work for me at all. Surprised to find anyone that remembers Freaked. Love Bobcat Goldwaith as the Sock Puppet.

    • I love Freaked. So funny and like I said; unseen. I think seeing weird stuff growing up prepares you for life haha

  4. Can’t bear Gummo. I’ve no idea what Korine was going for.


    I also saw Jacob’s ladder when I was about 13, top film.

    • I think Korine wanted to show the ugly side of America. Sad part is there are people like that here. I grew up a few houses away from a trailer park. Believe me it’s true

  5. Just shared the list with the husband who is a big movie fella. He hasn’t seen or heard of a few of your top tens. The only one I’ve seen is Jacob’s Ladder and it sent me for a loop, a good loop but messed me pretty good for the next few days.

    Think we will give some of them a try but plan on staying away from Flamingos though 😉

  6. Good list, particularly agree with Jacob’s Ladder and ‘Videodrome’ – also not surprised to see Eraserhead in there. I too can’t stand to look at the ‘baby’! I’ll have to hunt down a couple of the others.

    Have you seen Bad Boy Bubby? Or Street Trash?

      • Bad Boy Bubby is a deeply weird movie everyone should watch at least once.

        But beware – animal cruelty ahoy. If you can get past the first 20 minutes, you might get something out of the experience.

  7. There are a lot of these I’ve never heard of before, and I so excited to watch them all! This is going to be the cornerstone of a movie weekend with my old roommate.
    Also, very good description work in such a short bit for each movie. It’s nice that people can get their opinions out in concise little bits still. 😀

      • Hahaha I’m sure I will. I have only found one movie in my life that I did not like. Although actually it’s so bad it’s hilarious, but still just awful. If you ever get the chance and want a sickly bad movie to watch, find “The Bumblebee Flies Anyway” with Elijah Wood. Dear God it’s bad. 😀

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