Music Spotlight: 5 Songs, 1 Theme

Each week you pick a theme, I’ll provide 5 songs to fit that theme!

Read the rest of the article to find out the winner and songs!

Theme of the Week:

Songs for Heartache


5. Aint No Sunshine(When She’s Gone)- Bill Withers



4. Lover, You Should Have Come Over-Jeff Buckley



3. The Grand Tour- George Jones




2. Drown in my Own Tears- Ray Charles




1. Close Your Eyes- James Taylor and Carly Simon




That’s it for this week! Get your themes in for next week in the comments section or reply @Kloipy on Twitter! Winners will get their name and a link to the website of their choice on this page next week!




6 thoughts on “Music Spotlight: 5 Songs, 1 Theme

  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,whoa and whoa. You pick heart ache songs and DON’T use George Jones I stopped Loving Her today? Step your game up son.

    • See I think the Grand Tour is a much sadder song than I Stoppped Loving her Today. But then again you should be proud i used George Jones at all haha

  2. Not gonna argue with any of those…

    … although I think ‘Fire & Rain’ by James Taylor should be in there!

    Who suggested the theme this week?

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