To Rome With Love Trailer

Woody Allen is my favorite director. I don’t say that enough but he is. And the prospect of seeing him act in his own movie for the first time in years has me so excited. This movie looks great, with an awesome cast, and WOODY ALLEN IS ACTING AGAIN. So excited for this one

6 thoughts on “To Rome With Love Trailer

  1. Woody Allen, really? don’t get it myself his whiny schtick is like nails on a chalk board to me.

  2. Roberto Benigni? That bloke annoys the shit out of me. Can’t say I’m excited about this one. Why is Woody touring Europe now? I haven’t loved one of his movies since Bullets over Broadway.

    • i think he may hit his stride again. Match Point was a good drama and Midnight in Paris was excellent. So I’d like to see that continue. I think his Europe tour is inspiring him the way New York did

  3. Can’t honestly say the trailer is doing anything for me. I liked the early stuff then sort of drifted away from Woody Allen. I’m gonna have to drift back coz I’ve got two of his films on my B/Day review list!

  4. I’ve just been to Rome, so I’m just looking forward to this movie fo that!.. as well as the kookiness and quirkiness that comes with a WA movie. Oh, and I love Penelope Cruz, she is fabulous.

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