The Fence Post


Photo by Kloipy (Seth Dombach)


From Out of the Cave

by Joyce Sutphen

When you have been
at war with yourself
for so many years that
you have forgotten why,
when you have been driving
for hours and only
gradually begin to realize
that you have lost the way,
when you have cut
hastily into the fabric,
when you have signed
papers in distraction,
when it has been centuries
since you watched the sun set
or the rain fall, and the clouds,
drifting overhead, pass as flat
as anything on a postcard;
when, in the midst of these
everyday nightmares, you
understand that you could
wake up,
you could turn
and go back
to the last thing you
remember doing
with your whole heart:
that passionate kiss,
the brilliant drop of love
rolling along the tongue of a green leaf,
then you wake,
you stumble from your cave,
blinking in the sun,
naming every shadow
as it slips.



5 thoughts on “The Fence Post

  1. […] But wouldn’t you know it, as I’m sitting here feeling – oh, I don’t know – lost, I decided to take a quick look at what my fellow bloggers are writing. And there it was; exactly what I needed – Kloipy’s post today […]

  2. The hole in that fence post is almost a broken heart.

    By the way – it isn’t centuries since I watched the rain fall; I live in Manchester, mate!

    Nice words…

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