A Frost

Photo by Kloipy(Seth Dombach)

The Thousand-foot Ore Boat by Barton Sutter

To live until we die—
The job seems just impossible.
The great weight of the past
Pushing us forward, the long future
Thrust out before us, and so little room to either side!
The least we can do is stay sober,
Look sharp. The thousand-foot ore boat
Slides through the ship canal
And eases beneath the bridge,
All engines thrumming,
Including the pilot’s heart.


7 thoughts on “A Frost

    • Hey Wolf! Made me go and look up the Solway Coast. Oh wow! It is indeed beautiful. What photo did you use for a screen saver?

      • I shall e-mail the photo in your direction – it’s one I took last year.

        I’ve heard the Solway described as having a ‘lonely’ kind of beauty and I can see what they mean – when you stand out there, early morning, the sound of a solitary curlew rolling across the water…

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