Cassini Mission Video



This video made by Youtube member Cabbas, showcases footage taken by NASA’s Cassini mission (Yes I’m kind of a space dork). This is beautiful and highlights my favorite planet: Saturn


17 thoughts on “Cassini Mission Video

  1. The more I get to know you the more I see we have in common…I’m a space dork as well….I actually stayed out late with my wife and tried to watch the Lyrid Meteor shower last weekend…froze my butt off…didnt see one friggin Meteorite! I love to take my telescope out on summer nights and just chcl out planets like Venus, Saturn (and you can see the main ring through mine ….so cool!) and Jupiter and some of the moons around it as well. Cool stuff mine…you should see hear some of the audio I have of saturn from NASAs webstie..

    • that’s amazing! I grew up in the country, but now live in the suburbs and the night sky is not like it once was

  2. Good video, that.

    But then I am space mad.

    Where does it come from – space? How far does it go? Man, what are we doing here…?

    Have you seen those ‘jets’ shooting through Saturn’s rings last week? And they reckon the moon Phoebe may be a minor planet – it doesn’t share anything in common with Saturn’s other satellites…

    • it is absolutely incredible. My only complaint about living now is that we are so in the infancy stage of space exploration and I know I won’t live to the point to travel outside of Earth

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