Announcement Time!


Hello all my friendly blog followers! I wanted to update everyone with some cool news. If you are a fan of this site (and I hope you are!) I first want to say that I will not be shutting down this site, I love writing it and I’m glad you read it!

But I wanted to let everyone know that I will now also be partnering at the film site

Pop Culture Ninja (click the link to check it out)

There you will find all sorts of reviews, essays, news on Film, Lit, and Music. Plus a Podcast coming soon!





19 thoughts on “Announcement Time!

  1. My grandmother used to say – “If you try doing to things at once you’ll end up doing neither very well!”

    I’ll leave that with you.

      • thank you for saying that Wolf. what’s nice is now i don’t feel pressure to keep film reviews on this site and I can just do my usual on here 🙂

      • when i started this site, i thought it would mostly be film related stuff, but it’s kind of evolved from there and I like how it is on here now

      • I like the film stuff on here.

        You post about Prometheus. There’s interraction, that’s good, I want to talk about Prometheus. I’ve been hoping you’d post something else.

        On PCN, a Prometheus article appears – I kick off with a comment… No interraction. This makes me sad.

      • that’s what Barts and I are trying to change on that site, get more interaction, but don’t worry Wolf, we’ll always talk on here

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