Once it’s Gone

Photo and Poem by Kloipy (Seth Dombach)


Glimpse of the Intruder

Your eyes say a thousand words
Your lips could never say
To stare too intently
Into those vast, unyielding oceans
You find yourself reflected backwards
Trapped inside an iris

Breaking the glance you are able to take a breath
But the solace of your own eyelids
Is tainted
With the unbearable knowing
Of a gaze which befalls you
Even when you shut off the world

Your body is your temple
Your thoughts; your sanctuary
But these eyes are an atheist
Worshipping at your altar
You try to snuff out the lights
And distract the intruder from your locked doors

But the intruder has a skeleton key
And the ability to unlock doors
That even you shy away from opening
The familiar choir begins to sing the hymns
You thought you had torn out and burned
Their voices fill these corridors

This once peaceful place
Is now haunted by ghosts; each wearing your face
And moaning of the darkness you keep
Yet the intruder is not afraid
And as sudden as the discord came upon you
Now only silence remains

You throw open the doors of your temple
And those eyes which had you
Have now moved their power onto something else
You slip back inside to relock everything ajar
But it won’t be easy to forget
The glimpse of the intruder



10 thoughts on “Once it’s Gone

  1. Great poesy! Hey, if you get a chance, could you correct my listing on your blogroll to either Colin Carman (Sp) or Cinema Wolf (even better)? Write on!

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