RIP Maurice Sendak

Ugh. I can hardly beleive this. A legend of children’s lit has passed at 83. You need nothing more than to look at the art and story of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ to know that he captured something special even in it’s sparse pages. Sendak had quick the gift to really capture something about what it is to be a child.

I grew up with ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ as one of my favorite books. Something was in those drawings that connected so well with me. A beautiful simplicity of joy and fear. And underlying sadness. Luckily Sendak lived to see a loving tribute in the excellent film adaptation.

Another legend is gone.



14 thoughts on “RIP Maurice Sendak

  1. Truly sad about this.
    Growing up I had a love/hate relationship with Where the Wild Things Are. I’m nothing like Max and I always disliked his attitude but I loved everything else about the book.
    Some of Sendak’s other work is probably not stuff I would let a kid read, even though kids are the target audience. That was part of Sendak’s charm – writing TO kids about adult stuff.

  2. That is incredibly sad. My man bought me a copy of WTWTA for Kate Day this year (feel free to ask, lol) as I had never read it! I then recently read an interview with him, his partner of 50 years also died recently, would surprise me i he died of a broken heart… no joke.

    RIP, indeed.

      • He sounded like an absolutely fascinating character with quite a life/background.

        It’s a variation of Valentine’s Day. According to my man, VDay is all about the woman within the relationship, so I said fine, let’s have Kate Day. Seven years on, I’m spreading the joy. Please feel free to have your very own Kate Day celebration in 2013, if the world has not already ended. It occurs on the Wednesday closest to VDay. (Do you like my reluctance to label it VD? πŸ˜‰ )

  3. “… drowned in a bottle of Pantene Pro V.” Too Soon!

    But funny.

    Don’t know much about Sendak though. I couldn’t get into the ‘Wild Things Are’ film.

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