Loser of the Week: Bill Wisth and Obesity

If you haven’t heard here’s the story:

Bill Wisth is a 350lb man who is protesting a local Wisconsin ‘All You Can Eat’ restaurant because they cut him off after he ate 12 pieces of fried fish. He threw a fit and the restaurant staff was kind enough to send him on his labored-breathing way with eight more pieces of fried fish.

But that wasn’t enough for good ole clogged artery Bill. Oh no. He called the cops on the restaurant, wasting their time on a non-issue. And now he’s out in full force protesting the restaurant until his fat demands are met. Carrying a sign that he must have made with a pen and an empty surplus box of Ho-Hos, Bill is lumbering the sidewalks in an attempt to gorge himself to death on fried food.

Now, I’m usually a proponent on human rights and try not to judge people, however this is nothing but a disgusting display of how bad sloth and obesity weighs on America. First off, just the idea of an all-you-can-eat restaurant is disgusting. Why is it that Americans feel the need to stuff plate after plate of food into their bodies? I’ve been to these restaurants and there is nothing as pathetic as seeing a person who can hardly stand up under their own weight (or some that choose to ride around on scooters) to go for their seventh helping of food.

Watch this news story below:


You can see from the video that this is not the first time that this guy has raised hell over not being able to eat until his eyes glaze over and he acts as if they are violating his civil rights be a slob. Does this man have the right to eat and get as fat as he possibly can? Of course he does. That is not the issue. The issue is that this country has become so overly sensitive and politically correct that extremely overweight people are now given disability rights and it is now illegal for companies to discriminate against them by not giving into their unique set of needs.

I’m not saying that people should go out of their way to be rude to these sort of people, but at the same time this is not (in most cases) something that just happened to these people because of a condition or other reason. The blame cannot only be put upon restaurants such as this or fast food establishments. There is a personal decision made to eat that way and live that lifestyle. This is a society where there are shows called ‘The 1000lb Man’.

I’m not saying that these people need to go on some sort of boot-camp style exercise regiment, but as a society we shouldn’t cater to useless needs like not letting someone eat themselves to death a restaurant.  While I do feel sorry that people have to live that way, I also think nothing of those who do nothing to help themselves.  On one of the extreme weight shows, I once saw a woman, who was completely bed ridden, cry to her son until he got her a large pizza and a box of Oreo cookies because she was so hungry and then proceeded to eat the whole thing herself, then turned to the camera and cried because she couldn’t stop herself. Where are we supposed to draw the line on pity? Should we keep feeling sorry for a person like this and continue to just say it’s ok because she has a ‘food addiction’ or should we as a nation try and put an end to this notion that tells us to just stand by and respect the choices of someone who has done this to themselves?

In this day and age it is perfectly acceptable for someone to talk down to someone who chooses to smoke, and most establishments now are all non-smoking. However, if you want to go into that same place and eat a full plate of cheese fries dipped in mayo and ranch dressing, no one bats an eye. There are genuine people out there who benefit from going on disability, but to give it to someone who isn’t willing to do anything to help themselves and has put them self in that position due to their own choice makes absolutely no sense to me.

What’s worse is that some of these people are not just hurting themselves. I cannot tell you the times where I’ve seen an extremely overweight parent followed by a child who is on the same path. These parent’s eating habits are being passed on without any protest to their kids. This is culture that needs to be stopped. A person addicted to drugs would not be allowed to keep their kids, but what about a person whose ‘addiction’ is brought upon their children risking not only their health but their safety as well?

The companies that make some of the junk that is marketed to us are to blame as well. People don’t need to eat things like ‘The Baconator’ or the ‘Double-Down Sandwich’. Our bodies don’t get anything from these types of foods. The food we eat is so processed and loaded up with ingredients that people get sick if they eat truly organic food. But like everything in capitalistic society, whatever makes money is whatever keeps getting made, distributed, and consumed.

There are programs in effect now to try to curb obesity, but unfortunately we aren’t doing enough. It’s time to stop saying that this way of living is ok. Because it is not ok. It is not ok for a human being to weigh a thousand pounds. I hate the fact that we even have to have commercials that tell parents to make sure their children get out of the house for at least an hour every day. Why isn’t this just normal? Because America has become a country of laziness and gluttony. We are more apt to plop down in front of the television or computer with some microwaved dinner, then we are to actually spend time with each other talking or enjoying the world around us. We live for such a short time and we spend far too much of it being told what is good for us or being entertained by fictional voices yelling at us 24 hours a day.

So here’s to you, Bill. Hope your battle for more food is worth it.


27 thoughts on “Loser of the Week: Bill Wisth and Obesity

  1. You’re absolutely, 100% right. This has gone way beyond a simple need for diet and exercise; as a society we’re catering to this tendency in some people and it has to stop. It’s really sad because there are people who are actually addicted to fast food, corn syrup etc. And we do nothing except enable it. We’re encouraging ourselves to die young. It’s sad and it’s sick and we have only ourselves to blame.

    • Exactly. And I’m not trying to be mean to these people, but at the same time, we do nothing but make it a source of either entertainment or pity and that does nothing to help anyone

    • I can see that you’re so angry at people who stuff and stuff and stuff themselves to no end. That man in the wheelchair…that just is awful!

      • If someone wants to eat that way, that is fine, it is their choice to do so, but if those same people turn around and want disability rights due to their own choice I think it’s unfair.

  2. Great post, this is very frightening. I definitely agree with you on the health side, but the lawyer-in-my-head says, well, then restaurants shouldn’t purport to be all-you-can-eat because it’s false advertising. Restaurants are just as responsible as the people themselves. We are all responsible for accepting it. Nice post, and very well written!!!!

    • thank you! We just have to wait until someone actually dies while eating at one of these places for them to close down

      • No problem! Well, didn’t that one guy have a heart attack eating that one restaurant’s Heart Attack Burger not too long ago? I don’t think he died, but you’re right, it shouldn’t take someone dying to get the point across! To be such a smart country, we can be pretty stupid.

  3. This story had me rolling about laughing when I saw it on the news. “What 12 pieces of fish not enough for ya?”

    But it is very scary also. When I first visited the US to the area that I now live in, I could not believe the size of some of the portions in various restaurants and such. It was fun at the time as it was holiday and therefore acceptable to indulge. When I moved out here I made sure I cut most of it out. I like hitting the gym and keeping to a decent weight.

    The UK is getting a bit of an obesity problem, but it is more noticeable out here. It isn’t good and I’m convinced it is mostly people just doing it to themselves then moaning when they cannot stop themselves. Letting your children get the same way is unacceptable and people should be made to answer for it in the same way they would if they were letting the child drink alcohol.

    • the problem is that people here have actually made it into a need to eat this junk. They aren’t happy and because they aren’t happy they continue to eat and eat.

      • My little boy eats like nobodies business, but at the moment he isn’t fat, he’s just quite tall for his age and in proportion. Plus he seems to like anything so he is quite happy eating vegetables as he is anything else. But this is easy to manage at his age (17 months). If this continues when he gets older all well and good, just hopefully it won’t be eating a lot, and it being junk.

      • it’s easy to get kids not to eat junk all the time. Just don’t introduce it to them. My daughter gets treats sometimes but it isn’t the majority of her diet like some people do with their kids. I just feel bad for the kids who grow up like that

  4. Me and my family like to count all the fat people vs the thinner who walk in to our local Walmart …..the fat people always win…and they always get the closer parking spots…like there afraid to walk those few extra steps from their car to the door….and I suspect the really big ones hog the motorized scooters that the stores provide even though they could do without them…just sayin..

    • oh that’s the worst. The ones who get the handicapped parking just because they are overweight and then use the scooters to ride around the store

  5. The sign doesn’t say “all you can eat if you’re thin”. The sign doesn’t say “all you can eat if you don’t over do what we think is acceptable.” The sign says “all you can eat.”. This is an American standing up for their rights. Maybe the restaurant should relocate to China like every thing else in America.

  6. The sign doesn’t say “all you can eat if you’re thin.” The sign doesn’t say “all you can eat if you don’t over do what is acceptable.” The sign says “all you can eat.”. This is an American standing up for their rights. Maybe the restaurant should move to China like everything else in the United States.

    • in the video they say he’s done this before and also not paid on his tab that he has going on the restaurant. I think they should make a 3 plate limit in these cases. there are many more rights that this person could be spending his time fighting, not the fact that he’s upset over not being able to eat more than 20 pieces of fried fish. and if he gets to the point he has to go on disability for his eating habits than that is a burden upon the taxpayers because he decided he needed to eat that much. I understand your point and I appreciate the comment

  7. Wooooof! I get stuffed with just one plate at those type of restaurants–which I don’t go to too often. There are so many healthy and amazing recipes out there that are low in calories, but no one wants to find them because they want a “quick fix”. I work with babies and toddlers for my job and I always tell my clients that a baby’s stomache is the size of their fist. This prevents them from overfeeding them which then causes a lot of spit ups. I’d like to think my fist is the size of my stomache which gives a picture to myselff not to eat too much or else you end up with a lot of internal problems to the surrounding organs. Great post!

    • I can’t imagine that people that size can find any enjoyment in living. It has to be miserable. Thanks for the comment and for reading it!

  8. I could not agree more. It’s unfortunate that these people are struggling with addiction/depression/compulsion/whatever, but the line must be drawn. Very insightful post.

  9. That just made me sad for the bloke. If that’s all he’s got in his life…

    I hate that phrase – ‘all you can eat’. Really winds me up. Which cockwomble came up with that one. Hang their head in shame.

  10. I think that the Supersize Me project was an effective and interesting one. It’s disturbing how much people eat and how people so often rely on fast food. It’s too easy and yet it’s rarely satisfying food. I understand that it’s difficult dealing with addiction, after all that’s what it is. I’m not sur what kind of help should be in place: better education? Who knows. I just don’t understand how things can get so out of control for people… Not good. That’s very sad but when it comes to suing when you know the dangers of what you’re doing. surely that’s unethical?

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