Great Horror Moments Series

This series spotlights moments from horror films that really disturbed me (and hopefully you too)!

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The Ring: Her Face

‘The Ring’ was a movie that totally caught me by surprise. It was in the period that every other horror movie was rated PG-13 and I was sick of the saccharine shit that Hollywood was shoving out there to make a quick buck. I rented it on a night I needed to stay up all night (due to starting 3rd shift the next day) on the recommendation of a friend. I sat down waiting to be thoroughly unimpressed. I was wrong. This scene takes place in the first maybe 5 minutes of the movie and damn if it wasn’t a swift kick to the nuts. Sure it’s a jump scare, but man was it an effective one. After watching that in the dark around 2am, I was more than a bit unnerved as to what would come next. What did was what I consider one of the better horror films to come out of the new century. And this scene still creeps me out.


An American Werewolf in London: Bad Moon Rising

I think the Werewolf genre of horror probably has the worst track record for good films. But when it’s done right, it is awesome. AAWIL is probably my favorite other than the original Wolf Man. No amount of advancement in CGI can EVER top the transformation scene in this movie. The first time you see it, it is horrifying and the more you see it the more you appreciate the craftsmanship that went into making this happen. Just totally awesome and won’t be outdone.
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Halloween: Mike aint dead

I can’t really say much about Halloween that hasn’t already been said. It rightfully deserves it’s spot in horror history. This scene in particular is done just so perfectly. The way your eye is focused on Jamie Lee Curtis in the foreground, but you slowly are pulled to the out of focus ‘Shape’ in the background that sits back up. Just a moment that drives chills down your spine and has been imitated countless times since.


Creepshow 2: Thanks for the ride lady!

Now- Creepshow 1 is in my Top 10 favorite horror movies ever and I love every minute of that movie; Creepshow 2, not so much. It has good parts in it but isn’t close to the first one. However, the story in part 2 about the hitchhiker that just won’t die is classic. And disgusting. And will get you in the darkness.



Audition: What’s in the bag?

The last time a movie geniuninly disturbed me was watching ‘Audition’. The movie starts off SO different from where it ends up. It almost lulls you into a sense of safety, and then when you least expect it you are wetting your pants. I love a movie that is a ‘slow burn’. When  a film can successfully take it’s time and build the suspense it really is genius in a way. Audition is one of those films and this moment is the turning point in this film where you have no clue what is coming but you are worried about where it will go. Oh and if you have seen it you’ll understand when I say I hope to never, and I mean NEVER, hear ‘Kiri kiri kiri’ again.


14 thoughts on “Great Horror Moments Series

  1. Goddam you, Kloipy! I open up this page to find my old nemesis Pennywise the clown staring at me, with his smug, horrid, leering grin… eek. Don’t you know that I’m just about to hit the hay?!? Lol!

    Interesting choices. I’m sorry to say that I laughed a lot at the Creepshow one, it just seemed really funny. I’ll need to think about the films that most creep me out. The Hallowe’en clips that we like are when Michael Myers rising behind her. There is some really great cinematography in that flick. Nice blog, man. 🙂

    • the ‘Thanks for the Ride lady’ is creepier when it’s all together, but still a bit tongue in cheek 🙂
      Speaking of ‘IT’ they announced today that the remake will be 2 parts, so now you’ll have twice the clown horror to look forward to. Watch out for those storm drains

      • Why can’t they just make new films… not remakes? Grr. I think I should definitely watch the ‘Thanks for the Ride Lady’ film! 🙂

  2. Hey Kloipy! KIRI, KIRI, KIIIIIRRRRIIIII! Bet you’re shaking in your boots! 😀 I was too scared to click any of those videos. I tend to get nightmares easily after watching horror clips or movies. Do you like pyschological thillers just as much as horrors? I tend to lean more to the psychological thrillers with less guts or possession. Thanks for the follow these blogs tweet. I’ll do the same!

  3. Decent choices.

    I haven’t seen any of the ‘Ring’ films. ‘Audition’ left me cold. Don’t know how I feel about ‘Creepshow’…

    ‘American Werewolf’ though… “That’s enough!” The mighty Brian Glover. The thing I like about the transformation scene – it’s in the sound FX too, and you can feel how painful it is, but you’re still just an audience member watching it all unfold…

    … and then he stares right at you and reaches out to you…

    Shit meet undercrackers, how d’yer do!

    • and the part with the Nazi werewolves. DId not see that coming the first time I watched it and it scared the shit out of me

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