She’s Dead Jim! The Deadgirl Review

Deadgirl is a movie with a message and that message is as follows: If you are ever in the basement of an old abandoned mental hospital, find a weird rotting girl on a table that is breathing and has a bag over her head and tied down, please, do not fuck her. That my friends is the premise of this foray into Necrophilia called Deadgirl. This is a movie that tries so hard to have a meaning when all it stands to provide us with is shitty acting and watching a zombie get raped for an hour and a half. This movie is garbage of the worst kind, like packet of mayo; encased in a dog turd, roasting in the hot Alabama sun. Frankie may have to endure The Butterfly Effect 3, but Frank at least I can say that you most likely won’t have to see someone buttfuck a corpse.

Corpse buttfucking aside; this movie is not only pointless, it serves to piss you off by pretty much saying that all men, given the chance would rape a zombie if at all possible because we are ruled only by the smaller head. I’m sorry but I don’t think this is a fair assessment of mankind. Sure you got some sick fucks out there, I’m looking at you ghost of Ted Bundy, but for the most part most of the male population would not think this couth. I also don’t buy the idea that I think this movie is trying to get at that men think of most women as the ‘deadgirl’ in the way that women are seen as only a place to leave your DNA. That is bullshit. Real men treat women with dignity and respect; we don’t go all reverse reanimator on them.

The movie starts out with two of the most annoying characters in film history. Ricky and JT. Ricky looks like he just stepped out of Robert Smith’s asshole and JT looks kinda like Sam Rockwell doing his impersonation of Gary Oldman *wink wink*. They go to the aforementioned abandoned mental institute and find the Deadgirl. They talk about letting her go but then just leave. Apparently JT just couldn’t hold back so he goes back that night and beats the shit out of her while he has his way with her. Talking Ricky back into going to see her, he shows him by shooting her that she can’t die. Ricky, to his credit, doesn’t want any part of this but then yet keeps going back once it is established that JT can’t stop. He’s got necro-fever! Soon their other friend ‘Wheeler’ gets invited to join in on the shenanigans and Ricky yells at them and yet doesn’t do a damn thing about it. Way to go Ricky, taking the passive stance against corpse buggery. But Ricky has other things on his mind like getting together with the most popular jocks girlfriend. Yeah Ricky, I’m sure she’ll love your crow-centric poetry and won’t mind listening to hours of Bauhaus.

Not 1, not 2, but any entire bag of douches

After Ricky gets his ass handed to him by the jock, Wheeler lets it slip about the deadgirl, so the jocks stuff them in the trunk and force them to show them what Wheeler called ‘their sex slave’. For no reason the jocks start getting turning on by the deadgirl and pretty soon, Ricky’s mortal enemy is getting a hummer which turns into an orchestra of teeth chomping. The next day the jock starts to stink and has a bruise on his chest and a powerful case of the runs. In what turned into a very WTF moment, the jock shits his intestines out, which is I guess how you become a zombie, but he doesn’t come back and the movie just kind of leaves it at the prolapsed intestine. JT and Wheeler, not being satisfied with one deadgirl seek out to make another. They stalk women outside of a gas station at night in hopes of tricking them into getting zombified. Here’s another of this movies weaknesses. Anytime they try to create tension, for some reason incredibly dumb shit happens. They pick a woman and trick her by saying they have pot, so Wheeler hits her over the head with a tire iron. She stands there for a moment and blood pours down her head. Instead of collapsing or dying, she then kicks the shit out of them and then just leaves. She’s right there at a gas station, she has a head wound from some kids trying to kill her, and she just says ‘fuck it, Greys is on in 10″?  And another scene like this is when Ricky gets pissed and goes on a rampage in his room. By that I mean that he gently taps his bedpost with a baseball bat and huffs and puffs like a certain Fairy Tale lupin.

JT gets the idea to take Ricky’s girl to be the new member of the family and Ricky has had enough. JT tries to convince him that she will never love him on the outside but down in rape basement he can be her king. Ricky does what looks like the noble thing and frees her and Deadgirl, who kills Wheeler and bites JT’s lip off before running off into the wild to go do deadgirl things. But what’s this? Ricky’s dream girl got stabbed by JT and dies in Ricky’s arms. I thought it was over but we cut to what seems like a passage of time. Ricky is now wearing polos and seemingly very happy regardless of the fact that his two friends are dead and missing and no one seems to care or notice. But then, betraying the character that was built the entire movie, we see Ricky walking back to the mental hospital and we see his Dream Girl tied to the table in the basement where her eyes open and it fades to black. I thought she got stabbed? She wasn’t bit, so how the fuck did she come back to life? The movie just is full of questions like this. Other questions include: Why am I watching this shit?

The person I feel the worst for is the actress who played the deadgirl. She is naked the whole movie and has to have these putrid kids pretend to rape her. If this is your first film hopefully your career can only go up. Don’t listen to any of the hype about this movie. It is what happens when people get an idea and then have no idea how to execute it and just randomly throw ‘shocking’ images on the screen. I wish that someone would tell these filmmakers that we aren’t all Harry Knowles and most of us don’t have time for this kind of trash. Godspeed Deadgirl.


29 thoughts on “She’s Dead Jim! The Deadgirl Review

  1. Thank you for taking the hit for us all and watching this movie for us Seth…I will now check it off my list…(actually wait it was never on there) what were you thinking Seth for the love of that is holy were you thinking..curiosity killed the cat your might say….this sort reminds me of the movie Human Centipede (& Human Centipede2 ) which I have heard so much about but stayed from as well….how do these movies even get thought up much less financed to be produced…thanks for the review much appreciated.

    • it’s one of those things that in the right hands they could make something out of it, but this was just so lame and juvenile. Horror is a genre where it can go extremely well to take on issues while making a good film, but stuff like this is only there for the shock value and is not worth a minute of your time

  2. I shouldn’t be surprised that projects like this get green lit, and yet somehow I still am. What a disgraceful film.

    I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – patriarchal systems hurts both men and woman – a point you very well articulated in this post.

  3. Hehehehehe. Loved this review back in the day as well:

    She’s right there at a gas station, she has a head wound from some kids trying to kill her, and she just says ‘fuck it, Greys is on in 10″?


  4. I think you missed the entire point of this movie.

    Additionally, the exaggerations and hyperboles you state are directly contradicted by every single thing the movie tries to do, and reality.

    I’m sorry, but that was rather a biased review, maybe simply because of the subject matter.


    • daxisheart, just curious as to what your opinion is on the point of this film? I think it was stating that men see women as objects made just for their own pleasure. I just feel like it was a message that was poorly delivered and disgusting

      • First of all, I think you’re addressing the idea that it’s very misogynistic. This, right now, feels like a shallow view in which I’ll return in kind: the movie is, instead, amazingly misanthropic. Each and every male in the movie (except, idk, the MC’s shitty stepdad) eventually rapes a zombie. There were people with morals: the MC had extreme doubts/wanted to do the right thing, even the jock was more ‘I don’t want to do this’ than other characters, yet in the end they all succumb.
        Sure, if you wanna call it objectifying women cause she’s tied and raped (two girls, I guess?), I’ll just turn it around and state that the zombie they’ve been raping kills all of them and leads to their deaths. Take that for symbolism if you want, don’t cherry pick OH LOOK RAPE THIS IS BAD TO WOMEN

        “That is bullshit. Real men treat women with dignity and respect; we don’t go all reverse reanimator on them.”
        Do I really have to explain the hyperbole in this? What you’re saying is that either 1) no one does bad shit like enslave people or 2) These main characters are not ‘real men’. If (1), you’re living in a delusional world. If (2), then what’s the issue? These are kids, horny, teenagers, downtrodden, coming from broken homes with bad parenting, doing bad in school, no future. This is not just me saying it, JT clearly and directly states this several times, over and over in the movie. This really is, in his opinion, the best he can ever get. It’s not like he’s just your average boy, sees a girl, and goes IMMA RAPE HER. No, he was a broken guy who had basically two friends, ever, and wanted to have fun in school before he met real life. Then, this opportunity appears. That very first scene where he states he hit her “harder and hard. It felt good. You wouldn’t know that.” If you’ve never studied the victimizers of abuse, then you’d know that people just don’t suddenly decide to kill/harm someone, but it escalates from their (shitty) mental self control.
        And must I remind ye of the moral issues the MC and main jock had? The MC was literally about to call 911 before being interrupted, the main jock, DESPITE being a total dick (obviously justified in his mind) was reluctant. MC was in a situation similar to JT, and almost raped her himself, before being put off by it.

        “This is a movie that tries so hard to have a meaning when all it stands to provide us with is shitty acting and watching a zombie get raped for an hour and a half. ”
        One amazing exxageration. Most of the film is spent on the MC’s really shitty emo-angst. Like, the rape scenes were not even exploited much at ALL – like if you actually watch the sex scenes, they’re mostly angled away as the guy(s) just hump her. No dicks, no genitalia, no moaning or hot and heavy panting. Just – hey, this is us screwing a body. These weren’t sexualized scenes – the two most erotic scenes were JT touching the zombie’s genitalia and where he tried to put makeup on her, and the latter I found more funny than anything.

        The prostitute scene I found amazingly real. If you ever tried to hit someone over the head, no one just gets knocked unconscious for an hour (that usually means massively bleeding concussion in the brain). The head, however, has a LOT of blood and will bleed. And a prostitute, used to a shitty life, meets two people who want to mug/hurt her? Yeah, she knows what to do by now. Who’s to say she thinks they want to kill her? You meet two kids on the street with a crowbar, would you say they want to KILL you, or mug you? This is more real than most of the stuff I see on movies, particularly horror movies.

        There’s more to say, but one of the key complains were people asking about the zombie issue. What happened to the zombie? What happened to the jock? What happened to the friends? That’s completely missing the point. These weren’t important aspects. Does one need to know EVERYTHING ABOUT THE ZOMBIE for the zombie film to be good? Explain to me the origins of the Walking Dead zombies. Oh wait, that’s right, there is none. The ‘zombie’ genre doesn’t exist to see zombies be killed, but exists as an exploration of people, survival, interactions. Look up the definitive zombie game, Day Z – it’s all about interacting with people who may or may not kill you, surviving, not about killing, or, in this case, raping zombies. The jock died, I guess, and I guess there’s some zombie out there doing zombie stuff. Who knows. What this movie DID explore was the main character’s growth – his morally good compass at first (calling the cops), wavering (going to her but finding JT/wheeler there), deciding to be good (cutting her out), then enraged/mad at the jock (chomp! a scene in which he even regrets, where at the end he wanted the jock away not rasking that), to realizing the nature that HE MAY HAVE JUST KILLED SOMEONE (the ragey scene in his bedroom), to determination (killing the zombie with a machete), and finally not knowing what to do anymore at all (the entire last couple scenes). It ends bitter (not really sweet) but rather real. His world is blown apart when the love of his life tells him to grow up, be real, stop thinking about this kind of childish love. And after all he experienced, he did, in one of the worse yet rationally-followed ways possible.


        This film’s meaning, reasons, and characters are just so obvious to me and yet the persecution of it is just as obvious. I think everything I said is justified. I mean, this film has a LOT of flaws, but, well, getting horrified and disgusted at violence and rape? I think that’s rather apropos.

  5. Wow. This made me laugh then made me sick to think about it. You also addresses some solid issues. Excellent write up Seth. This looks terrible and I will NOT be watching it!

      • Yuck. Getting chills just thinking about this. What the hell… you can make a movie about anything nowadays. Seems rape has become quite the popular thing to add. I don’t know if this is because it effectively shocks and sickens every single time.

      • I can’t stand it in film. I know it happens. I know it’s horrible, it happened to me as a kid. I don’t see why we need to show it, and so graphically in movies

      • Agreed COMPLETELY! It’s a vile thing, and does not need to be glorified.

        Again, I HATE having to hear that it happens, and I think it really sucks you went through that!

      • Yeah it does, but I wouldn’t change anything if I could go back. It was part of my life that made me a stronger person.

      • I can understand that sentiment, but sheesh, the things that people do to others. Those things are the ones that foster resilience, unfortunately.

  6. “JT tries to convince him that she will never love him on the outside but down in rape basement he can be her king.”

    On the internets, that philosophy is called the Red Pill.

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