Drop In

photo by Seth Dombach

Photo by Kloipy (Seth Dombach)



16 thoughts on “Drop In

      • Yeah, swans…well, really all types of birds freak me out. I would rather handle a snake or ginormous spider than a bird. Yikes. Truly beautiful shot, though.

      • Sorry to interrupt – it always amuses me when people say ‘they could break a man’s arm you know?’. Lol, then there was one of the Diary of Adrian Mole books by Sue Townsend (Kind of cultish British book series – they are really funny) and the main character lives near this really evil swan that he calls Gielgud, I assume after the Thespian and he’s constantly saying how they could break a man’s arm… Suffice to say, they are beautiful birds but like the sea, should be respected! 😉

      • Exactly, I always try to keep my distance from swans and geese. I’ll feed them from afar, but i think it’s best to just leave most wild animals alone.

  1. Shoot more…? What, swans? Cruel.

    Anyway, nice pic, Kloipy. It’s familiar, have you posted it before?

    Swans ain’t dainty, that’s for sure. One nearly took me fingers off a few years ago.

    • my daughter is not afraid of them at all yet. We go to feed the ducks at that lake and then the swans come over and usurp all the bread

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