Ready for Fall?

all photos by Kloipy  (Seth Dombach)

Like many people I am fed up with the heat of this summer. My favorite season has always been and always will be Fall. The crisp air, the color, the bittersweet feeling that fall tends to have. All reasons I love the season so much. Fall is almost like the twilight of your life, the end of the world before it grows cold. The season brings on a reflective feeling to life along with the harvest.

So here’s to you Fall! I can’t wait to see you again







25 thoughts on “Ready for Fall?

  1. Great photos! I live in a beach town in the South (where “fall” just means 75-80 degree weather and just slightly less crowded beaches). Needless to say, whenever I see pictures like this is really makes me miss being able to watch the leaves turn and buy winter clothes.

  2. You do not lie, sir. Fall is the best, I always look forward to it when the world around me starts heating above 65 degrees. Fall has the best colors, and smells, and tastes.

  3. I’m with you on Fall being the best. Great photos to really bring home the memories of the season. And that last one is just adorable.

  4. Nice pics Seth.. I especially like the last one. Looking forward to the day (a few years off) when Jonathan is up for playing in the leaves.

    Fall is by far my favorite time of year, and in PA it’s quite lovely. In fact I see a Sept/Oct trip up there in our future.

  5. Fall reminds you of death doesn’t it… just say so and stop with all this ‘twilight’ stuff.

    I prefer Spring. Since Spring ended, I’ve been looking forward to next Spring. I do like the colours of Autumn though…

    That photo with the swans is stunning.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful snaps. I too love fall, however we’ve had such a short period of heat (and I doubt it comes close to the heat of which you write) so I’m happy with summer sticking around for quite a while yet.

    That saying, I will go out of my way to step on that crunchy looking leaf. Always.

    • I live in central pennsylvania which for some reason is like a tropical climate in the summer months. We get nothing but humidity so the second you walk outside is takes all your energy right out of your body. So fall is always a welcome change when it gets here 🙂

  7. Excellent photos! I usually love summer (because I’m cold natured and live in a cold place so summer makes me warm and happy) but this year I am very much looking forward to fall this year. Feels like new beginnings.

  8. I am! Today while driving back to the office I saw a tree with all green leaves but a dash of bright orange. That was enough to get me excited about scarves and all things Fall! 🙂 Great pics btw!

    • Thanks! I can’t wait for the leaves to change. For a hot chai tea on a cold afternoon, the crunch of the leaves under my feet, and those expansive skies just going on and on

  9. These are just beautiful pictures, Kloipy! I think that all seasons contain their beauty and mystique – but you’re right, there’s something special about Autumn (sorry, Brit, can’t help it, lol!) and Spring too, I guess. It’s that rebirth/regeneration thing. The colours in Autumn are just wonderful. Great post. 🙂

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