We Brought This On Ourselves: How we have defined our own Apocalypse

In this day and age you can’t throw a digital rock in the internet without running across a post or a picture about the Apocalypse, whether it is Zombie, Chimp, or Truck-apocalypses. Even a satirical post I wrote a while back remains one of my highest hitting posts since I’ve started this site. We as a society, have some inert fascination with the complete and utter destruction and downfall of the civilized world. It’s on television, movies, t-shirts, video games. This trend of defining our end has become so oversaturated that it has gone above and beyond just sarcastic comment. There are dedicated websites with rules of survival and how to prepare for impending doom. Continue reading


Breaking Bad- Say My Name: Episode Review

After Sunday’s episode we have only one episode left before the mid-season break. This season is flying by so far, but has left me with one sentiment so far. With each episode I think there is no way this show will either top the last one, and yet, each week, the newest episode manages to not only further the story but to have at least one moment where I’m taken back yet again. Episode 7, ‘Say My Name’ is no different.

Spoilers ahead! Continue reading

Breaking Bad-Buyout: Episode Review

With the latest episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ now over, we are left with two episodes until the break in the fifth and final season of the show. If this latest episode is any indication we are gonna be in for one hell of a cliffhanger between the break and the final run.

Obligatory Spoiler Warning: I will be discussing the full episode and if you haven’t seen it yet or if you are just starting to watch, I’d suggest coming back after you’ve watched it or caught up.

You’ve been warned. Continue reading

Survivorman is back!

Some of you may know but for those who don’t ‘Survivorman’ is one of my favorite shows. Not just on TV now, but of all time. If you’ve never heard of it, let me give you a rundown:

Les Stroud is the host and star of the show, which is of the nature survival variety. His show appeared long before Man Vs Wild came on Discovery and in my opinion is the only worthwhile Survival show besides Ray Mears’s specials. ‘Man vs. Wild’ is more of side show of natural survival techniques. We watch as Bear Grylls leaps off chasms and stuffs his mouth full of disgusting creatures. Honest to God there was an episode where he killed a snake, skinned it, turned the skin into a canteen, pissed in it, and then drank it directly from the snake-skin canteen. ‘Man vs. Wild’ also contains staged scenarios and Grylls and his camera crew normally sleep in nearby hotels instead of weathering the elements. While I will admit some of the things he does are pretty incredible, they are also very lousy survival advice. Half of the things Bear shows on his venue would most likely get a normal person killed, sick, or worse off than your original situation. His show is a shock value entertainment program and should be seen as anything more than that. If that is what you like, I do not begrudge you that, it can be an entertaining show. However, if you are looking for more than just the ‘Jackass’ of the survival world, then look no further than ‘Survivorman’. Continue reading

The Dark Knight Rises: Kloipy’s Review


Being that I have a hard time making it out to the cinema (unless it is a children’s movie) I’m late to the game in seeing The Dark Knight Rises. By now, hundreds of thousands of words have been printed and published about the film. It may be a moot point to even review the film at this point, but hey- a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Or a Batman’s gotta do for that matter.

Without wasting a few needless paragraphs describing the minutia of the plot of The Dark Knight Rises, I feel it’s better to just jump right in to the meat of the review, so we can all get out of here on time and with our cowl still intact. So without further ado, you have my permission to read: but beware of spoilers Continue reading

Breaking Bad-Dead Freight: Episode Review

For me, Breaking Bad is not only the best show currently on television; it is also one of the best shows that I’ve ever seen. Its attention to detail, character development, and focused hand have woven a thrilling TV series.

From here on I will be delving into spoiler territory so be forewarned if you have yet to watch this episode or the show in general. Continue reading