Two Ghosts for the Price of One: ‘The Innkeepers’ and ‘Grave Encounters’ Reviews

Ghost related horror films are a strange sort of movie. We normally get the same tropes in each film. The banging doors, the eerie noises, the jump scares. Some do it well (‘Poltergeist’), some not so much (‘The Haunting’ remake). I sat down recently to watch two of the newer installments, one that has been getting a lot of praise, and one that had a trailer that looked so stupid, I figured it might be fun for a few laughs. Continue reading

The Corridor: Horror with a brain

As a huge fan of the horror, I’m constantly searching for a new filmmaker to bring a fresh take on genre. As much as I enjoy the formula of so many films, at times I feel jaded that I’ve seen it all, and nothing will surprise me anymore. You get to know the beat of a horror film like it is a song, you tap in time with the jump scares, you harmonize on the plot and characters, like listening to a familiar song. It gets to the point where each one is like a cover version of that song. Once and awhile that song gets changed, you lose timing, and it throws you for a loop. Continue reading

Great Music Collaborations

Music has, and always will be a huge part of my life. I grew up listening to the widest variety possible, mostly brought from the sweet pops and cracks of my parent’s record player. As much as I love film, it is hard to come close to the pure emotion that can be brought on by music, either playing or listening. I have played guitar since I was 14 years old and it is hard to compare anything to the feeling of playing a song with others. The way a harmony can be so sweet and put you directly in the moment. Continue reading

What We Live With: My Story of Pain, Struggle, and Hope

First; a bit of back story

I was born a month premature on November 4th of 1983. That’s when it all started.  Due to unforeseen complications I was immediately rushed to surgery due to a perforation in my small intestine. I had to have a section of it removed, my appendix removed, and go through a colostomy and then the reversal. Part of my small intestine that was completely removed was my ileum. For those that don’t know, the ileum is at the end of the small intestine that absorbs nutrients including the essential B-12. Due to this, I am unable to properly retain most or any of the nutritional benefits of food which explains my inability to gain or keep weight on. Continue reading

Seven Years Ago: A Thank You to My Wife

Seven years ago on this date, I married the love of my life. We got married at a local lake in the gazebo on a warm and beautiful day. It was a very small wedding with just a few family and friends there. I was there early and had to fend off a few people learning how to do fly fishing right beside the spot we were to get married at. I was never a suit guy up to that point so being in a tux walking around was quite the change for me. That morning when I got up, I spent time nervous and excited. Continue reading