The Cat

so yeah. I guess we got a cat. Just wanted to let you know. haha

photo by Kloipy (Seth Dombach)


16 thoughts on “The Cat

    • funny thing is, I didn’t want the cat, and yet, who does the cat spend the most time with? haha

      • It’s likely, that by not really wanting it, you are using subtle body language with it. Oddly enough, the go away language for humans in that situation is just good manner in cat body language. Since you behave like a proper cat should, the cat wants to be around you more. Same thing happens when people who are allergic to cats find themselves in the same room with one.

      • I like the cat now that we’ve had her. It’s just funny though because my wife wants her to sit with her and the cat always seems to come over and sit on me

  1. Hold one wait a sec…just hold one minute…didnt you have a blog a few months back on how cats were taking over …I can’t find it in your archive…Your not hiding it are you…lol…..sucker! (kids and wives make men big softies..been there done that my man)

  2. AAHHHAAA-HAAAAH! Kloipy The Cat Hater General… gets a CAT!

    That’s hilarious!

    The neighbours over the road from me, their cat keeps turning up in me house. Don’t know its name; I call it Bitey McCustard-face. It really likes custard. And biting… only kitten bites, though.

    Y’know what you’ve got to do next, dontcha, Kloips? Video a ‘comedy cat’ moment and post it on YouTube!

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