Under these Skies by Kloipy (Seth Dombach)

Hey everyone, here is a short video I made based on a poem I wrote. Let me know what you think!


12 thoughts on “Under these Skies by Kloipy (Seth Dombach)

    • yeah, the video itself is temp, just testing the sound with the poem with existing footage. I’ll be updating it with a new look soon 🙂

      • that’s what I was going for with it. I’ll post it again once I get the right video for it

  1. Not bad, fatty. I thought the song jarred – but I’m not sure whether it was with the words or the video… I think your voice is clashing with hers, maybe try an instrumental piece?

    Don’t listen to me though; I’m not arty, I’m just a peasant!

    • i sure am a fat tub of lard. I will have to try it with an instrumental, I agree it overlaps a bit. When I get the real video up, hopefully it will flow together better

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