Kloipy Skews – Blood of the Zombie

Hey everyone! I’m trying a new feature here called ‘Kloipy Skews’ where I make fun of a free movie from Youtube. So if you are a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 or Rifftrax, I hope you will enjoy. Plus it is free!

Here’s what you have to do!

After the first ad, click pause
Play this video and and sync together

Turn the audio on the movie down to half

Pause the Skew track during ads


The Movie

The Skew Track


9 thoughts on “Kloipy Skews – Blood of the Zombie

  1. I could very easily make these types of things into one file and give you some advice on better quality. Hit me up via text if you’re interested.

      • If you have a skype account either txt or fb me your skype name no I can find and add you. If you don’t have a skype, get one and I’ll explain how to send files. I can then edit and sen them back to you finished.

      • and if you ever want to get in on one of these let me know, I’m looking to get a few more people on it

      • Yeah I was thinking, a different way to approach this would be to invite different people to help you do reviews/commentary on up and coming filmmaker’s short films on vimeo and youtube. Thought it might be right up your alley since you like doing reviews. Wouldn’t be too hard to set up. Get a skype going and we’ll talk about it more.

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