Things Parents Hate: Caillou

As a parent, part of your job is to do things you do not want to do. This includes things like fighting a 3 year old to eat more than one bite of dinner or listening to ‘All Around the Mulberry Bush’ until blood spurts from your ears like a fire hose. This series will spotlight things that we as parents can’t stand. A safe forum to voice your frustration, or utter hatred for something related to parenthood.

What is ‘Caillou’?

For those of you who have never heard of this abomination, please take this as a warning. ‘Caillou’ is a kid’s television show that appears on PBS and is available on Netflix Instant View. On the surface, ‘Caillou’ seems like a harmless and cute show for kids.

You may be fooled, like I was, into thinking that ‘Hey, it’s nice to see a kids show that focuses on the family, the kids act like kids in that age group, and my kid seems to love this ‘Caillou’ fella. He’s A-OK in my book!’

And that is the trap that is laid by Caillou. Like falling into a pit filled with spikes laced with feces, you only realize once it is too late that you fucked up badly. Because by the time you understand the true deafening horror that is the spawn of Satan, your child is already hooked, and you dear friend are the arbiter of unfairness should you try to excise this demon from your home.

What’s so bad about peace, love, and Caillou?

Here we see Caillou’s grandmother contemplating suicide

‘Caillou’  is filled with a whole cast of characters, from Caillou’s parents, sister Rosie, friends, and the surrounding neighborhood. They are all kind and helpful, and a true joy to watch. But the problem with this show comes down to one character and one character alone


Caillouis the single most annoying cartoon character ever created. He’s four, already prone to male pattern baldness, and the attitude of a primadonna. At first you may think his reactions to every situation mimic the actions of your own 4 year old. But now instead of having one whining child in your home, you have 2, and this new one is now your child’s hero.

Ask yourself; do you enjoy listening to a whining child?

If you answered yes, then you are going to love Caillou, because this little son of a bitch does nothing but whine. That is his only reaction to every situation. Caillou goes to school, he whines. Caillou makes breakfast, he whines. It’s raining outside. Guess who is whining about that too? No matter what is going on around him, this kid has a mission to ruin the lives of all the people who are forced to spend more than one minute in his presence.  Hell, even in Caillou books, he whines!

Caillou crushing the dreams of his family

This little bastard doesn’t appreciate one damn thing his parents do for him. His parents have this dead look in their eyes that says ‘why oh why did that condom have to break’. I’m waiting for the episode where they’ve been pushed to the edge and just haul off and slap him across his smug little face and tell him to shut the fuck up.

When he isn’t whining, which seems to only happen between breaths, he has a voice like that a pleading buzzsaw, which is currently digging its way through your temporal lobe.

Watch this short video:

You hear that noise? Expect to hear that every episode, that is the sound of your doom approaching. Did you notice his eyes in this video when he doesn’t get his way within 2 seconds of trying something? He goes from whiny to serial killer. That furrowed brow that says ‘I will murder everything within a 2 mile radius if I don’t get my way, right now!’. This kid is a psychopath and I think that is why no one understands how to say ‘no’ to him.

Seriously, if you take Caillou out of his own show, you may end up with one of the sweetest and most charming children’s shows. As it stands, this show only stands to force parents to drink are curse under their breath every time their child says ‘I wanna watch Caillou’.

The worst part is that to young kids, Caillou becomes a role model as to how they should act. Your previously well mannered child, will now exhibit signs of what I like to call Whineius Calliouious. You’ll look into the face of your young boy or girl and suddenly they are whining. Now all you can see when you look at them are real life Caillous that have come to destroy your soul. Once Caillouhas infected them, the only cure is to refuse them to watch it anymore, which leads to only more Caillou level whining.


What can parents do to help this situation?

Unfortunately, after your kid has watched Caillou, there is not much you can do. A start is to unplug all electronic devices as to keep away from the risk of every seeing Caillou. Then learn to erase even the work Caillou from your vocabulary. Pretend as if you’ve never heard, seen, or read anything involving Caillou.

You know this will only end in more whining

If your child asks ‘When can we watch Caillou’

Act dumb and reply ‘What is Caillou? I’ve never heard of such a thing before. Here have a cookie.’ Your child may throw a fit or hate you forever, but at least you will not have to sit through another 30 minutes of bald-headed torture.

If all else fails, please enjoy this:

Kloipy’s ‘Calliou’ Drinking Game

If Caillou cries: Take a Drink

If Caillou fights with his sister, mom, dad, the cat, the weather, any random thing that floats into his vision: Take a Drink

If Caillou gets his way: Take a Drink

If Caillou’s parents look exhausted or sigh: Take a Drink

If someone puts up with Caillou’s bullshit for way too long: Take a Drink

If Caillou doesn’t understand something, which then makes him whine: Take a Drink

If Caillou speaks in a sugary sweet way that puts you into diabetic shock: Take a Drink

Follow these rules and you will slip into sweet, sweet oblivion.


170 thoughts on “Things Parents Hate: Caillou

  1. Hilarious! I have made a note to steer clear of this show when I have a kid. I just think his name is bloody idiotic – who names their kid “Pebble” (Or “Stone” depending on your translation.) You’ve made your bed silly French family!

      • Just adding a side note. As a mother of two I’ve become very good at the art of drowning out annoying ass cartoons but to this day I CANNOT ignore that little &VERY VERY IRRITATING little sister Rosie!!! I’m sorry I know NO child that starts every sentence with their own name, Rosie wants to play, Rosie wants to do,etc.etc. UGH!! That’s even more annoying than her big headed big brother!! Why does she have to speak in the third person every time she opens her mouth to speak? Wouldn’t someone correct her? Oh wait!!! I guess not since these demon spawn are never wrong!! Thanks!! This made my day!

    • Oh my god this is soooo true. My kids was acting like him, so I had to shut it off. and he is the most annoying character their is. Who ever wrote this is a genius and telling the truth about the annoying punk,Should be off the air.

  2. Just for the record, I’m a parent, and don’t hate Caillou. What’s interesting about this is that I’ve seen that show hundreds of times and never really noticed that he whined a lot, just that his parents and family were very patient, and kind to him. As far as Caillou’s generic portrayal of a small child, keeping in mind that I am saying it’s “generic” and one dimensional, is still fairly accurate as far as kids go. They are Kings and Queens of their little world, do not understand consequence, and expect to receive everything they desire. Kids do of course pick up traits from other children and influences such as Caillou, however, they desire most to have power, either over themselves or others, and because of that tend to pick up patterns of behavior from adults (even cartoon ones) because kids understand in some way that adults have the power, so kids emulate that behavior. So, IMHO, any show that portrays adults behaving with kindness and compassion is OK in my book. My purpose here is not to challenge, if one hates something, that’s entirely their business. But as a parent, this is how I feel about it.

    • Hey man, believe me I understand where you are coming from. There is definitely something to be said about shows that extoll the virtue of patience in parenthood, and it is also nice in the way that it does speak to the mentality and emotional state of a four year old. That being said, this post is just supposed to be humorous as I know myself and other parents who can’t stand the show. I also think that it sets a standard for children that if you whine enough your parents will relent or that it is acceptable behaviour. Though it is the job of every parent to raise their children in a manner in which teaches a child, I think a show like Caillou can be detremental because to them this is such a ‘real’ look into their own world and they see that this child handles situations by crying to get his way. Instead of the parents correcting his behavior, on the shows I’ve watched countless times, they give in to him without discussing that his method to get his way isn’t the correct one.

      I feel the best show for kids remains Sesame Street. They not only are educational, but also deal with feelings in a way that doesn’t speak down to children, but also shows a way to work through those feelings too. Whereas to me, Caillou doesn’t show a method of dealing with emotions, just shows a sort of cause and effect in which a negative behavior is rewarded.

      Like I said, I completely understand where you are coming from, and I think you make a good point, but again this is more of just a segment that, hopefully, makes a few people laugh. Thanks for your thoughts

      • thank you! my daughter now plays some of the games on pbskids and it has Caillou games, which manage to get even more annoying

      • Now that this guy has read this, he’ll see the dark side of Caillou too. I hate that little bastard. My wife and I used to mimic Caillou’s whining in the next room when our kids convinced us to let them watch it. #LeoSucks

      • I’m glad I’m not the only one who mimics him haha. I do find myself getting the theme song stuck in my head, which loops over and over again, until I just start laughing and crying at the same time

      • Exactly!!! I felt like I was reading my response! This show is a travesty. It’s that kind and understanding nature of the parents that initially loured me in. However, the more I watched,the more I realized they were only placating him and not teaching him how to express his problems differently.

    • Honestly, I feel judged by creators of Caillou for not being exactly like the parents in this show. It took a few episodes, but I finally realized that the writers are actually preaching their brand of child rearing, which I personally find reprehensible. NO ONE EVER SAYS NO. They redirect. Life doesn’t work like that. And honestly my 4 year old is way too smart to be redirected and not notice!

      • I agree. Redirecting can work sometimes, but it ignores the issue instead of dealing with it. Sometimes kids need to know that a certain behavior (ie whining to get their way) isn’t acceptable. Thanks for reading and for your comment!

  3. Hahaha awesome
    I’ve never seen the show but I know my nephew used to watch it. I asked him why Caillou was bald and he shrugged and I went about my merry way, forgetting about Caillou forever (until this article).

  4. My son found out about Caillou at my parents house. We don’t have cable and I stick with shows I can stand when browsing Netflix (Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, Sesame Street etc.), so I didn’t understand the horrors of Caillou. My mom warned me and apologized for ever letting him watch it.

    The biggest thing for me is his voice. He whines all the time! When the kiddo goes on his Caillou kicks I notice he starts whining more than usual. I wish there was a way I could delete it off my Recently Watched Queue on Netflix, because most of the time if my son can’t see it, he won’t ask for it.

  5. Hilarious! I missed this post, lol. My oldest used to watch this show and my wife and I would just want to shoot the Television out whenever that damned bald kid started his whining. Ugh. I’m all for parent patience but it’s a fine line to walk. If I had eternal patience everytime one of my kids whined about something then they’d be the ones running my household instead of my Wife and I. This post was very fun to read! Thanks, man.

    • thanks man. I have patience. to a point. But I don’t agree with parents that either let their kids do whatever, or give in whenever a kid is crying. I love my daughter more than anything (besides my wife) but I also can’t stand whining over nothing

  6. I was just thinking about how much I Hate Caillou so I figured I’d check to see if I was alone when I found your article. Many thanks to you for writing this! This article is my ABSOLUTELY Favorite thing about Caillou!

  7. I found this post after googling “Caillou is a bitch”.

    At first I thought the show was about a kid with two mommies and then I figured out it was Canadian. After awhile I realized Caillou was a total little bitch and I’m now I’m waiting for the episode where he dies in a fire.

    I’m just so glad to know it isn’t just me.

  8. Bitter much? There are many things worse than Caillou and I would say foul-mouthed adults that are bitter and have nothing better to do than degrade a child’s show rather than really looking at the demise of our culture . . .I guess never mind. I took the time to read this ridiculous blog. Go do something positive in the world rather than spew hatred . . .that might help.

  9. kloipy:
    Thanks for pointing out your other posts. I have renewed faith. I will go do something positive today as well.

  10. My kids have all watch Caillou and there is nothing wrong with this show.. Sorry if your kids a whiner its not from the show and if your kids are misbehaving its not from the show they watch its called bad parenting.. so why not stop blaming show for your bad parenting and grow up and raise your kids the right way. Thats right you cant because your kids is the boss in your house.. most of the people on here must really suck as a parent or don,t have kids. and its even funnier that most of you know every character in the show yet you say you dont watch it.. Liars..

  11. LOL! I am not a fan of this show either, my nephews like it alot. I also reallly dislike Thomas the Train, those are some MEAN trains! Let the kids stick with Pepa Pig, then they will just do faux British acccents all day. 😀

    • They are mean trains! I’ve never heard of Pepa Pig. My daughter is currently stuck between Batman and Eloise

  12. This is dead on. My kids are certifiable Caillou addicts. At first I thought it was a fine show. The boy is 4 (just like mine), with a little sister (just like ours), with a gray cat (just like us). There’s no violence or annoying singing animal character. I felt OK letting my kids watch marathon Caillou episodes, until…I noticed that Caillou was getting pretty whiny & defiant. “I don’t want to take a bath!” “I don’t want to go to play school!” What the hell happened to Caillou? When did he turn into a little b-i-t-c-h? Even more annoying is that Caillou’s parents never yell or lose their temper. It’s the worst kind of fantasy world for a child. I keep hoping that Caillou grows out of it or there’s an episode where his parents whip him into shape or at least threaten him with a timeout or take away his treasured Rexy. So glad I came across your post. Hilarious. Nice to know that I’m not the only one who thinks Caillou isn’t so harmless.

    • thank you for reading and for the comment! I think the show does reflect the world view of a 4 year old, but like you said it is not a realistic view from a parenting standard. Once and a while the parents will get overwhelmed on the show but never punish Caillou. The whining is just too much for me to take. Thanks again for stopping by!

  13. Oh Caillou, that whiny little bald brat! This article was fantastic. Between being a nanny and then having three kids of my own, I’ve endured far more Caillou than I care to admit. What are your thoughts on Max & Ruby? Equally maddening show.

    • Thank you Colleen! I’m sure you have had a lifetime worth of Caillou. I was lucky enough to not have to endure Max and Ruby. But they seem to be another point of contention with parents. thanks again for reading and for your comment

    • OMG, thank you for mentioning Max & Ruby. Leaving what seems to be an 8 or 9 year old girl to watch her 2 year old brother is bad in it’s own right. But to add insult to injury, the little brat Max NEVER listens to what he’s told, and Ruby just repeatedly corrects him nicely without any timeouts or anything. Then at the end, all his bad behaviour winds up working out for both of them, showing that not listening is right thing to do. Ugh, so frustrating that I stopped letting my little one watch it as she tried to disregard everything her big sister told her.

      • My daughter started one wording things ( like max does) asking for water or a cookie , it makes me want to find the creators of these shows and leave them with my kid for a day. I swear she can break any ones sanity.

  14. Dude…if you think Caillou is bad, try watching “Wonder Pets.” You know…the show that TEACHES children to talk like babies instead of reinforcing proper speech because that annoying little duck!! I used to despise Caillou until my kids discovered Wonder Pets. That show makes me want to slit my own wrists!!! Hilarious article!!

  15. This is the BEST post on this minion of satan I’ve ever read. I’m off to pull out my ear drums since my 4 and 2 year old love the little shit.

  16. My six yr old still watches Caillou. I understand the humor in it amd the voice is annoying but the parents at least in episodes I have seen the parents redirect the behavior. But I am ok with it. Wonder pets are worse definitely

  17. Omg, My daughter turns 3 next month, she loves him, I started paying closer attention a month or so ago, I can’t stand that little fuc😈er..No more for her after she started her whinny backtalk

  18. 20 months old – first thing waking up is not “Daddy!” or “Mummy!” It “Caillou!!” First thing after breakfast it’s “Caillou!” First thing when we get home from daycare it’s “Caillou!!” I don’t really mind the show’s message as much as some on here, but little man is addicted.

  19. Funniest think Ive read in a while! It’s so true ive always hated caillou because he exhibits the exact behavior that you do not want your child to mimic! Plus him being bald really bothers me!

    • I seriously laughed out loud when I read this comment. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of ‘Cryou’. That is awesome

  20. While cailiou is not my favorite show its not the worst …..I know the whining, crying is terrible but it also shows how that is unacceptable from the grown ups as well. I believe the show portrays a young family,good principles, and as for the baldness it’s to represent differences. My son who is four has a friend who is bald due too health issues and all he said was wow you look like cailiou made the other kid happy and not self conscious. Like I said I’m not a huge fan, but it makes my kids happy so yeah

    • Oh yeah, I agree, my daughter loves it, so I’ll let her watch it sometimes. I think each parent will have at least one show they can’t take.

  21. You’re right, the show is great without Caillou. I think there should be a spin off where we can follow Sarah instead. Caillou should never appear on Sarah’s show. He has moved to boarding school. Rosie is adorable, she can come over once in a while to play and learn about Chinese culture. I really liked the episode about Chinese New Year. PBS hear our cries!

    • The Sarah show starts with a picture of Caillou’s face as he’s been put on a bus to send him to boarding school, and that’s the last you see of him. The rest of the characters on the show are fine, it’s just Caillou that ruins it.

  22. you do realize the cartoon was based on the writer’s son who suffered from Cancer…..which explains the bald. and as someone without kids, i can say that ALL children are whiny. Every last one. You just have bias over your own children. Also lets not forget that the show, based off a popular Canadian children’s book, is not meant for adults. It’s meant for kids. Why the hell should it matter if you like it? Let your kids watch it while you take 30 minutes to check emails, read a book, prepare lunch, or whatever. Yes you should watch tv with your kids, but you don’t need to watch EVERY show with them. If your kids like the show, let them watch it. It’s harmless.

    • Amie- as explained by the creators

      ‘Caillou stands for all children. He doesn’t have curly blond hair, a carrot-top, brown hair, glasses, or ethnic features, because he represents all children. We wanted to make Caillou universal so every child could identify with him.’

      Also- this post is not meant to be taken seriously. It is satire. If you were a parent you might be able to relate to that frustration. Has nothing to do with my own parenting, or as you put it ‘bias over your own children’. You do not know me or my child and how I raise them, so please don’t assume that you do.

  23. My son at age 4 hated Caillou so passionately that he would beat up our couch pillows when that show would come on. He is now 11 and we both agree with everything you have to say about the most annoying animated character ever created. I hate that kid.

  24. My son came across this show on sprout thought ok this is better than the crap on cartoon network, until (he’s 8) he started wining at me and talking baby talk…lets just say that little shit isn’t allowed to play anymore….love it agree 100%

  25. Luckily our PBS stations only have this on Saturdays I think, so we never watch it! My niece did and she absolutely became whinier after. When my daughter saw it (she now plays the game online) we had a discussion about how his behavior was inappropriate. We stick with Cat in the Hat, Sid and Super Why!

    • We now do mostly Daniel Tiger and Sesame Street. Most of their programs are great, but Caillou is just a blight upon that lineup of shows.

  26. I don’t have kids but was inadvertently exposed to this cartoon while waiting for an oil change at Jiffy Lube. Needless to say within minutes I wanted to punch the television. Awful, awful.

    • Haha! That is a terrible experience while waiting at Jiffy Lube. Only thing worse than sitting in a Jiffy Lube

  27. We started telling my son to “stop acting like Caillou” when he was whining. He would laugh and the whining would stop. Worked brilliantly!

      • kloipy, this was hysterical. Can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard! You have a fab sense of humor! Your critics need to get a life and stop taking life so seriously! The Narrator needs to be slapped as well. “Poor Caillou! He felt sad that…. Blah, Blah! Blah!” She should be straightening out those parents and grandparents. I punched my boss one day for not forewarning me regarding the whiny adventures of that obnoxious kid. My grandson loves him! I can’t stand the sound of his voice! He makes me want to stick needles in my ears! I’ve considered telling my little fella’ a fib. “I’m sorry, sweetheart, it won’t come on my tv anymore.” I just can’t bring myself to lie to him! UGH!!!

  28. One more for the Drinking game:

    Each time a kid gives off one of the world’s worst kids’ giggle/laugh, take a drink.

    Thank you for validating my dislike of Caillou!

  29. Has anybody given thought to Calliou having terminal cancer? That is the only explanation i can find for two of his more unexplainable traits: his baldness and everybody catering to his demands, as in “oh well, just a few more months”. My theory isnthat he is dying. I came across Callou a few years ago while working at a daycare, but dis not think much of it, until I had my own children. My daughter outgrew the cartoon, thankfully, but my 3 yo son started doing the so much hated “BUT WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?” Gosh I fucking hate that show… Banned in my house now.

  30. I am not even a parent and yet I understand entirely how you feel. I died of laughter while reading this post. I showed all my friends who’ve babysat and we can’t stop laughing. Please write more of these!!! Totally made my day.

  31. My husband and I have made a game out of creating stories about why Caillou isn’t on tv. Our latest is he didn’t listen to his mommy when they went to the zoo and climed into the lions cage. Another time he went on Safari with his grandparents and wouldn’t be back for months. With in a week of removing Caillou from our tv my son said “no” to us much less and stopped whining as much too.

  32. HA! There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how much I hate that little a-hole. And this post absolutely had me dying. Caillou is literally the ONLY show I have blocked from our cable, my daughter is never allowed to watch it again.

  33. True ! I can’t stand that show and my daughter loves it and it made me hate it more ! caillou has been banned from my home about three months ago my daughter still sounds like him hate hate hate caillou!
    I’m glade I’m not alone here thanks I really really enjoyed that I read it to my wife even.

  34. Ha this is hilarious! Caillou reminds me of a terrible comic strip that used to be in the paper, Henry. Henry was a bald kid who acted the fool. Being mute didn’t stop him from being a whiner, either; he often had that swiggily line of frustration drawn over his frowning head. Henry tried to run his game with Henrietta, but would fail miserably. So basically Henry is Calliou with a few pubes and a ripped out voice box.

  35. This is fantastic. I downloaded the PBS Kids app on our iPad for my daughter, and I didn’t even realize that Caillou was a PBS show for at least a year until, one day, I heard the incessant whining twinge of his voice coming from the speaker of the tablet. Then came the feeling of dread when I realized that she had discovered Caillou. “Maybe she won’t get hooked on it,” I thought. Nope. Hooked. And all she wanted to watch for at least three months was Caillou. I warned her grandparents. I tried to keep Caillou as far away from us as possible, I tried to block the cartoon from the app – no success. Even worse, I found myself singing the theme song at random points in my days! Luckily, she has now moved on to other annoying cartoons, like Dora and Curious George. At least when we read Curious George, his incessant monkey whines aren’t included in the text…

  36. Kloipy;
    are you by chance a therapist, after reading your most hilarious post, and some of the blogs, I have noticed your amazing ability to take criticisms and turn them around so the person is responding positively, does this work with children…I need this trait.
    BTW: agreed Caillou is horrible!

    • Hahaha! I wish I could get paid like a therapist 🙂 I just figure coming at someone back with anger won’t work and I’d rather leave someone with a positive outlook or at least understand where I’m coming from. If only that worked as well with children haha 🙂

  37. Dora is much worse. Have you ever met someone who speaks so cheerfully day in and day out – and repeats everything they say in another language? Talk about sociopath! Only chirpy happy things that don’t reflect actual appropriate feelings. “We’re lost” is said in the same way as “I love ice cream!” Hate that little girl!!

  38. This kid got banned from my house after one episode. Really, I dislike pretty much everything about the show. The art, the music, the pacing, the lessons… but the C-man is the worst part of his own deal. There’s a lot of dumb shows. I try to only, or at least mainly, let my kid watch stuff that’s positive and educational. Caillou doesn’t make the cut. Even if the rest of the cast is done well (which, i actually think the whole cast is annoying and somewhat troubling in the ways they interact), the main character is a negative role model, doesn’t show any initiative in logical reasoning and has to be told everything, is constantly corrected but never really encouraged to grow and refuses to wear anything but the one outfit (jk).

    Ok. He wasn’t banned after one episode, but I hated him after one episode and he was banned after a short period of time of allowance. If you did accidentally let your kids get hooked on it, there’s already damage done, but it’s not too late. Just tell them that he whined one too many times and his parents finally snapped and killed him. They’ll eventually get over it, won’t need to watch anymore and will possibly finally learn something because of the show: Don’t whine or you’ll end up dead, like Caillou.

  39. This was awesome! My favorite part was how you described his parents. I think they also seem to be on drugs to make it through their days with that brat. The grandparents also look like twins. Maybe Caillou is this way because of a genetic disorder? 🙂

  40. I protected myself from Barney (all full grown people in mascot suits freak me out except big bird), avoided blues clues pretty well (that host…I think I heard he was the second one…made me shudder. creepily enthusiastic.) and yay me…my daughter passed quickly through a young calliou phase and got over him. I think he annoys her too, and she’s 4. what I want to know is what’s up with chicka (sp?) the squeaker? I won’t even buy a squeaky dog toy, and they are far less harsh than that ball of unintelligible plush and plastic meant to entertain my “sprout.” on a somewhat related topic, I’ve also got her digging Johnny cash, zeppelin and a bunch of random indie bands….I know it won’t last forever…some dang future biebery fevery thing will come along and steal her from me.

  41. We only watch Nick jr, but the TV in the kitchen does not have that channel, so we found Sprout… bad idea! My daughter saw an episode of Caillou, and we’re fucked ever since… she says he’s her favorite blablabla, now we avoid that channel at all cost, and when we watch it, we make sure Caillou is not playing. We went to Toys R Us to make her Christmas wish list, and when I saw Caillou toys I seriously panicked! Thank goodness my daughter was mesmerized by Barbie’s house

  42. The only thing I like about that TERRIBLE show is that the Mom has a real body, and dresses kinda sloppy like a real mom 🙂


  43. Am I the only one super annoyed by the lady that talks too. I saw an episode the other day “caillou is playing soccer with his friends”. no shit lady, I have eyes. Her tone makes me long for nails on a chalkboard.

  44. We’ve managed to steer clear of the cartoon for the most part, bit we do have one Caillou book. Im not sure how it got here, we sure as hell didn’t buy it, but since my three year old loves reading, once and awhile it appears in the rotation.

    It’s “caillou rides a bike” and the dumb little shit actually manages to fall off a bike with TRAINING WHEELS on it. How spastic do you have to be to do that? You’d have to be purposely trying to get thing to fall over. I hate that fucking book .

  45. I just saw this article shared on Facebook and this truly brought back horrific memories I wish I never remembered. I’m 26 and have a younger sister, whose 24 and a younger brother that is now 15. My brother was about 3 or 4 was when he first started watching Caillou. Around this time we didn’t have cable television yet, so the only channel my mom would let my brother watch was PBS. Our mom and dad would work opposite schedules, so sometimes we would have to watch our brother, usually only for an hour or so. Our brother would demand to watch Caillou as soon as we turned on the television. He would scream “CAILLOU NOW, CAILLOU NOW!!!” at the top of his fucking lungs. SInce me and my sister were both teenagers and usually doing homework, we just gave in and let him watch Caillou whenever he wanted. We never really paid attention to the contents of the show (horrible mistake) My brother was an extremely well behaved kid until he started watching Caillou. His behavior changed drastically almost instantly. Whenever my brother didn’t get something he wanted, it was truly a sight to see. Kicking. Pinching. Biting. Constant Whining. Eventually my mom wondered what the fuck was going on and asked my sister and I where he was getting this behavior from. We then told her about our brother’s insane obsession with Caillou. We sat down with her and decided to see what the hell the show was about. Basically Caillou is the most obnoxious fucking cartoon character of all time. Whenever he doesn’t get his way, he turns into a fucking demon. My sister and I looked over at our mom to see her jaw basically on the floor and then she said this. “Fuck this shit.” She unplugged the television long enough until our brother forgot all about Caillou. I think it was probably almost a year. Whenever he would ask to watch it, we would distract him into doing something else, it was actually quite easy. In short, Caillou is the fucking devil.

  46. I thought I was the only one who hated Caillou. Dylan never watched this show. I had a neighbor who had a son who was just like Caillou. I was so glad when they moved.
    16 minutes ago ·

  47. I like the song better the way I always sing it…” I’m just a kid who’s 4, knock my ass on the floor, I won’t talk back no more…Caillou”

  48. OMG. I can’t stand this little boy. My daughters (step) come over and the youngest wants to turn this on. She laughs cause she know I don’t like it (haha). I told her one epi a day. I can’t take it he is so freaking whiney.

  49. Mom and dad need new outfits, really can they dress and more frumpy. Also yes I so want to smack the whine out of both of the kids.

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