Kloipy Speaks Presents: Food-Beer-Movie: Winter Edition

Welcome back to the latest edition of Kloipy Speaks Presents: Food, Beer, Movie

The subject of today’s featured post can be summed up in one word: Hearty

As the temperature is changing and snow is starting to fall, I find that one of the best comforts is a big full meal to warm the body, a good tasty beer to put a smile on your face, and a movie that is as cold as the outdoors.

So let’s go shall we? Continue reading

The Snow in Your World (photo and Poem by Kloipy-Seth Dombach)

photo and poem by Kloipy (Seth Dombach)

I peer into your atmosphere

My face elongated in the glass reflection

Your tiny and perfect world set for eternity

Where there is always a chance of snow

As it stands for the moment

There is nothing but a tranquil perfection

The kind that comes only in the late hours under a cloudless sky

When the ground is covered in the blanket of white

The lamp light creates the glow of the moon

Casting your shadows long beyond you

I pick you up and turn your world upside down

Suddenly your quiet lives turn to an epiphany of brilliance

The light dances off of each small flake

Your world is alive and filled with wonder

But as soon as it has begun, it is over

The last small speck falls from the tip of your nose

To rest silently amongst its relatives on the floor

And all is quiet once more

I’m Too Damn Old For The Internet

Sometimes, I love the web. I’ve met some awesome people, had some laughs, and learned everything I could ever possibly want about the flight patterns of the red-throated sap sucker. But there are times. Times where I hear about things that I just cannot logically wrap my brain around. Things that confuse me, things that horrify me, things that leave me shaking my fist at the monitor and telling these kids to get off my damn lawn. Continue reading