Hey guys! come check out my interview over on the IPC, and check out his site, it is awesome!

Isaacs Picture Conclusions


I would like to offer a HUGE thanks for Seth over at KLOIPY SPEAKS for sitting down with me to answer these hotter-than-Bieber’s-weed questions. I mean, we all know and love Seth from his blog, but did you know that he was once the star of a science fiction TV show?? He played the captain of a star ship and spent years alienating his cast and fans. Eventually he was contacted by a group of aliens who had modeled their society after the show by viewing his “historical documents”. Being asked to save their entire race from a menacing threat, he eventually learned to relish his role as The Commander and saved not only them, but the Earth as well. Never give up!! Never surrender!!


Here we go!! A new set of questions for the new year and now, if you’re interested, you can pick from the 2012 set…

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