Game of Thrones thinks men don’t need nipples. Um. Excuse Me?


Update: Obviously this is meant to be satire, but in the off chance someone thinks I’m being serious. No. No I am not.

Minor Spoiler Ahead:

Last night, Game of Thrones had it’s third season premiere with the episode ‘Valar Dohaeris’. Lots of things happened. There was some death and nudity and all the things you expect from GoT. But one moment caught me off guard.

While searching for an army, Daenerys met up with a trader for a band of soldiers. While doing the trade, she witnesses how determined the soldiers are when the trader cuts off one of the soldiers nipples in front of her to prove that they are unflinching.

The reason he gives for doing this is because: ‘men don’t need nipples’

Excuse me, Game of Thrones, but how dare you. How dare you slight the need for the male nipple. Just because men don’t use them for feeding or pleasure, or really anything all doesn’t mean that they are useless. This is just a display of the mainstream media degrading a man’s choice to his nipples. Men’s Rights are important because if we don’t do something now, it won’t be long until men are going to be subjected to nipple-removal for cosmetic purpose.

Our nipples have feelings too!

The injustice must stop here and now!

Oh and by the way….

April Fools!

Save the Nipples; Save the World



17 thoughts on “Game of Thrones thinks men don’t need nipples. Um. Excuse Me?

  1. That scene and that line are directly from the books. Did the show follow through to her revenge? If it didn’t, I won’t say anything. But I think it was a fair enough response on Dani’s part.

  2. Hey don’t bash the male nipples man!…….George Clooney and his boy wonder made it an essential part of their costumes…obviously you just dont get it …cmon man get with the program!

  3. It depends on their biology whether a man’s nipples are used for pleasure. Same with women. I see you’re a Thrones fan, which automatically makes you okay in my book.

  4. well the show besides sucking harder then a alter boy at priest convention is also very very very feminine. Anything nerds praise is now an automatic waste in my book until proven different, Game of yawns hasn’t as of yet.

    • Have you watched this season so far Xi and I’m not sure if I asked if you had read the books or not. I haven’t so it is all new to me

      • naw I might watch it over the summer if there is nothing else to watch maybe. last season was excruciatingly awful and the nerd lather combine to make me not want to watch it at all. Of course that won’t stop me from trolling the geeks who know it really isn’t that good but have that weird nerd need to be in the “know” about a TV show or a movie. They have to “get” it because they live pathetic lives.

        Nope I have not read the books I tried once but I couldn’t get into after a hundred pages or so, it’s as dumb/dull as the show.

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