Don’t Speak. People Might Hear You!

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend at work on lunch. We were talking about life and what about the possibility that this life is only one of many and what if a new life starts off each time we die in a different universe and we have no recollection of that previous life. And what if we only lived one life where time was only one continuous motion never advancing but being experienced simultaneously and the only time we are aware of it is when we have déjà vu which signals that feeling that we’ve been there or done the same thing before. My friend and I like to ponder the infinite. To posit what exactly this all means. He and I share a great enjoyment for looking deeper because we only have so much time in which to think about these things.

That doesn’t sit well with others.

While talking about this, a few other people were around us and listening in to our conversation. You could feel a disconnection in the air. None of them interjected with their own thoughts or feelings. They stood quietly amongst us, looking anywhere but at us, and then left without a word. We would have welcomed another voice in the discussion but when it came down to it, no one else wanted to say anything. I think because it scares them.

I think ideas scare people. If our conversation had been about the current season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or what the weather would be like in the next few days, I think a group discussion would have begun. Or if someone wanted to talk about their personal life, which some of them do in GREAT detail, they would have listened or added to it. But our conversation was not about how our grandma made a blueberry pie this weekend, or how work sucks, or that it may or may not rain in the next few days.

This was a discussion about life in the grander scale. About what makes us human, and what our purpose is in life, and how that makes them terribly uncomfortable because it isn’t a banal regurgitation of some ego-centric information. We weren’t talking just so people would listen to something about ourselves in some attempt to make our experience feel more important than someone else’s.

I could not count how many conversations I’ve had in my lifetime that revolve around the weather. Either how it is too hot or too cold, how it may rain or snow or sleet or hail, how it was nice in the morning but it isn’t anymore. I don’t mind this conversation once and awhile. Sometimes that is all there is to talk about and I find weather interesting enough, but I also want more out of the human experience than just something I can understand by looking out a window. I like to discuss the unknowable and question reality because it is exciting to think, to use my mind, to conjure ideas up from the depths of my imagination. Not only because it makes for interesting conversation but it also helps to connect us together, because none of us truly know why we are here and what meaning it is.

I don’t think the people who don’t talk about this are below me. I don’t think I’m better or smarter than them. Mostly it just makes me feel sad for them that either they don’t think about anything besides what is normal everyday life, they don’t want to think about that, or they do and are too frightened to talk about it for fear of some sort of society induced stigma.

Because to talk about these matters sets you apart from others. It wants to label you as ‘weird’ or ‘odd’. If you don’t fall in line and only speak of inconsequential matters you are seen as different. People come in and out of our lives at such a speed that if we aren’t careful, we can miss any value from them that helps us both grow and understand more about this gigantic universe around us.

We should not be afraid to ask questions, to discuss, to inquire about things that are deeper than what is on the surface. There is no need to be singled out because of it. It is important to ask and talk with each other about things that matter more.

Ask away my friends.


13 thoughts on “Don’t Speak. People Might Hear You!

  1. So uhm what do you think uhm the weathers gonna be like in your neck of the words?….dammit ..I meant to say….what do you think the weathers like on Jupiter…yeah that’s it…and what if there were beings living on Jupiter and they came to Earth to visit…imagine how strong they would be, for them it would be like being on the moon for us ten times over. There bodies alone would be so dense they would probably sink into the earth as they walked….yeah I like to look at the world through a different lens as well…I get a lotta blank expressions…your lucky you have at least one person to talk to there at work.

  2. I’m running out of time where I’m at to post something meaningful, but I love your first paragraph. I hope I can remember to come back and write my thoughts here – they are very similar.

  3. Hey! I love this post – and – I am the type of guy who doesn’t care what other people believe in – believe in what you want, you know, just don’t pressure me to believe in your dogma and all of that. Let’s all just be friends and everything.

    Anyway – I’ve given this a lot of thought and…

    there’s no denying that the fundamental basis of life is electricity in our bodies. That’s the Truth. Electricity doesn’t die. When our bodies die, what happens to our energy? The way I see it is that our Energy never dies and it travels in infinite circles, forever, but never occupying the same arc. So – as it moves throughout “time” we intersect with other forms of energy and things are slightly different the next time around. In my head, there’s no reason to be afraid to die because we’ll meet again.

    Like those dreams you have where things are SO REAL?? They’re just memories of something that’s happened or going to happen in your consciousness. Deja Vu? That’s because it happened. You know how you meet someone and just click? That’s because your arcs have intersected before. You’re at home, at night, sleepless and you hear someone walking around upstairs when there’s no one else in the house except for your wife asleep next to you in the bed – that’s you, just not the current you.

    Maybe you or your readers will think I’m nutty but that’s how I see it.

    (P.S. I also think animals can tell what’s going on, that’s how they know whether to like you or bite you : ) )

    • I love this! Definitely feel like we are on a similar wavelength.

      I am also not religious, but I believe there is something more than just this. I believe that our concept of reality and time is only our preception. Just something we’ve conjured up as an understanding that suits us.

      I’m also facinated by dreams. I have many reoccuring dreams (not in the way that they are the same dream) but in the way of location. Some take place in the same location and when I go there in a dream I automatically realize the place I’m in even if the dream is completely different than before. If called upon I could even describe those places in great detail because they are so much a part of me.

      • Me too – I have dreams where I know I’ve been there before, I know it’s a dream and I know that I’ve dreamt this before but something is just different this time.

        I don’t have this very much these days but I used to have VERY lucid out of body dreams.

      • I go through periods of not having any dreams I remember to having extremely vivid and strange dreams. Mine never seem to be just normal (i’m falling, doing work, blah blah blah) dreams, just insanely weird and complex dreams

  4. The one we get on regularly at work is ‘nothing’.

    That’s right – ‘nothing’. What was before the ‘Big Bang’? Apparently, some scientisty bloke announced that there are two types of ‘nothing’; nothing with ‘something’ in it and absolute nothing – nothing with nothing in it. See, I had assumed that space has always been there, then a star exploded and here we are. But no; the Universe is supposed to have been expelled by force in its entirety from a state of nothing. I presume it’s the nothing with ‘something’ because, frankly, my head goes for a shit when I try and imagine nothing with nothing… I mean, nothing with nothing – that simply can’t exist, right?

    Go on, picture nothing with nothing in it. Stars, galaxies, planets… take all those away so there’s just space left… But it’s not empty coz it’s full of atoms and electrons and protons. Take all that crap away then – so now it’s definitely just space… yet it exists, it’s there. So, take space away then…

    See, you can’t, can you. Coz you can’t imagine nothing. You’re imagining ‘black’ aren’t you, but who’s to say nothing is black? We don’t know what nothing looks like; what colour is nothing? Is it a colour? Probably not. More importantly, how can an entire Universe be born from the state of unexistence only nothing with nothing in it can occupy? No seriously, think about it – no space, no Universe, complete and total unexistence, nothing there. Then space got blown out of… where?

    Is this a parallel Universe that has emerged from a momentary rip in the space time continuum? But we’re still left with the same question; where did ANY Universe come from? God? Aliens? Tesco?

    And those gamma ray bursts astronomers keep detecting and attributing to shit like black holes and quasars and stuff… they’re also consistent with a warp drive signature. It’s worth noting…

    • spectacular Wolf! I love the big things like ‘nothing’. Those ideas that are hard to wrap your brain around. I feel like we have only the slightest clue of what is truly out there and why it is. I feel like it is more than just ‘on accident’ but there is so much we will never know. but it is so fun to think on it

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