Frog in the Water


the frog

photo by Seth Dombach (kloipy)


12 thoughts on “Frog in the Water

  1. Symmetry! I’ve been taking photos of frogs as well… just bought a new camera, trying to get to know its strengths and weaknesses… Second subject was a frog close-up – the camera’s got a ‘live view’ mode & I was working out how to use that. Nikon D5200. Also took one of a toad near the River Mersey with my iphone recently.

    Anyway, nice photo.

    • That is a good camera. I’m a Nikon man as well. When you get some you like you should send me some more!

      • Well, I took the D5200 for its wild debut last weekend just to get a proper feel for the thing. Hit and miss. There’s no doubting it’s a top camera but it’s my first DSLR and there were some, errr, issues…

        My previous camera (Nikon F80), if I got something centred in the focus area I knew it was gonna be pin sharp; this one I don’t know where it’s focus is. I was trying to photograph a Mandarin duck (never seen one before, I was fairly excited), getting it dead centre… must’ve took about 20 shots and the bird was either soft or blurred every time. The kit lens is an 18-55mm zoom so it isn’t ideal but I’m presuming the default setting in the camera isn’t right and I’m gonna need to actually read the instruction manual!

        On the other hand, I took a one-off shot of a heron in flight (coz I couldn’t find the continuous shot mode in the second I had available) and the camera focussed fast and held focus while I panned with the bird. Came out great.

        Yeh, i’ll send you some pics… the D5200 takes a huge image though, something like 6000 x 4000, think a few of those might break an e-mail if I don’t edit the size down!

      • I’m still learning my camera. Just when I feel like I’ve got it down, I learn something else. Thinking of taking a class in photography just to hone my skills some more.

        Definitely send me some pics when you get the chance.

        I’ve seen the Mandarins before too and they are just beautiful.

      • I’m always wary of photography courses; they tell you stuff like never shoot into the sun… I’m always doing it! You get some spectacular results. If I’m honest though, I have thought about taking a photo course myself. I’ve picked up a few tips online – but I still don’t know how to shoot flowing water… I see professional pictures of water and it looks like a ribbon of smoke flowing through a static landscape. How do they DO that?

        Which Nikon have you got?

      • I’ve got the D60, which is great for what I need it for. I’d like to get some new lenses but they are expensive.

        To do the smoke effect you have to let the shutter open longer, it gives it that look to it. I found that out by accident hahaha

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