Music Spotlight: 5 Songs. 1 Theme.

Big thanks to my good friend Therewolf, for once again lighting a fire under my ass to post this.


This Week’s Theme:
Looking Inward

1. Dave Matthews Band: Why I am

2. The Paper Kites: Mortal Boy King

3. Ray LaMontagn: Let it Be Me

4. The Head and the Heart: Lost in My Mind

5. Eddie Vedder: Hard Sun


7 thoughts on “Music Spotlight: 5 Songs. 1 Theme.

    • I like that song. Could have been Hootie and the Blowfish. Oh who am I kidding, it would never be Hootie and the Blowfish

      • OK NOW you’re getting it. I can support The Hootie 100 percent. What song? I would go with Let Her Cry but I am unclear about the point of this exercise. True story I broke up with a broad over the phone using that song as I left for a deployment I didn’t mention, I’m a dick.

  1. About damn time, buster!

    I’ve only heard the Vedder track. I do like the Dave Matthews track as well, I just like the way the chorus keeps stretching out the ‘why I am’.

    I’d probably go with Winter Hill by Doves – can’t help but look inward up in the Pennines, think I know which track he’s singing about as well…

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