I Got Tagged!

I got tagged by the awesome Kim at http://klling.wordpress.com and I’m obliging her request by making the first of my posts I’ve been tagged for. First time for everything.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.

5. Go to their blog/Twitter and let them know they’ve been tagged.


yep, there I am. Pretending to look somewhere (hint, there was nothing there)

Random Facts about me:

One time I accidentally shaved off my eyebrow and had to use a makeup pencil to draw one on until it grew back.

I laugh a lot harder than I should at America’s Funniest Home Videos.

When I got out of the hospital after 2 surgeries and a month long stay I bawled my eyes out at the trailer for the live action ‘Charlotte’s Web’ movie.

I dearly miss playing in hay lofts.

Once I went skinny dipping down in the outer banks and had to wait in the ocean for twenty minutes while a huge line of people on horseback slowly rode down the beach.

I used to sleep-roll instead of walk and one morning woke up beneath my dresser.

I have horrible social anxiety (though most people wouldn’t recognize it).

I sing really loudly in the car all the time.

I fractured my tibia as a kid because I used to jump off the roof a lot.

About a year ago I bought The Spin Doctors first cd off of amazon for $1 for some reason.


1. Whats your favorite childhood show?

This question is really hard to answer. Maybe Pee Wee’s Playhouse

2. Pokemon or Digimon?

I’ve never seen either or played either.

3. Disney or Studio Ghibli?

I grew up with Disney, so I’d have to go with them. Getting to see Fantasia in the theater was an awesome experience.

4. Vin Diesel or The Rock/Dwayne Johnson (whichever you prefer to call him?)

The Rock. He’s too charismatic to dislike.

5. Yes or no to True Blood?

Yes. It is one of my (not so) guilty pleasures.

6. Vampires or Werewolves?

Vampires. When I say that I mean real vampires, not the wussy vampires of the last few years.

7. Whats the most awesome Disney Princess?

I’ll defer to my daughters pick for this one which is Rapunzel

8. Whats your favorite dessert?

chocolate covered pretzels

9. Do you have the habit of checking out the source material before or after a movie adaptation? Or maybe even never check it out? Why?

I normally read the book first (and they are usually always better)

10. Do you like to watch trailers or avoid them?

I watch trailers all the time. Spoilers usually don’t bother me either.

11. Are you happy that these questions are over?

No this was fun!


I’ll post the rest on here shortly. Thanks again to Kim!


17 thoughts on “I Got Tagged!

  1. Love all the answers! 🙂 I’m glad to know I’m not the only crazy person who thinks this is fun! Tell your daughters that Rapunzel is a great choice! Tangled was an awesome movie 🙂 As for the vampires, I’m with you on that one. Vampire definitely and positively DO NOT sparkle!

    Have an awesome day 🙂

  2. “One time I accidentally shaved off my eyebrow and had to use a makeup pencil to draw one on until it grew back.”


    • Oh it was seriously like something out of a movie. I was floating and about the swim in to shore, and there comes this HUGE line of people on horseback slowly making their way up the beach

  3. Awesome stuff. 🙂 But seriously, how did you manage to ‘accidentally’ shave your eyebrow off!?! Lol! Is the album ‘Pocketful of Kryptonite’? Have it. But I paid more for it. Random fact, about 6 months ago I bought Crazy Town’s album for £1. Actually really enjoying it! 🙂

  4. How drunk were you when you shaved off your eye brow?
    Did this roof jumping involve a cape of some sort?
    Have you seen that episode of the Sarah Silverman show where all that is on that dudes ipod is Two Princes?

  5. Vampires? You puff – it’s werewolves. Unless it’s Near Dark vampires. Which reminds me, did you see the new cover art for the blu-ray of Near Dark? Someone’s bright idea to make it ‘Twilighty’? Disgrace. Paxton v Pattinson = “… finger lickin’ good…” outcome.

    Social anxiety… I’ve got a form of ‘social phobia’ and no, it’s not what people think – it’s not a fear of going out. I simply don’t know how to behave in social situations. But if I go to a pub or restaurant, some place like that, I’m always checking my exits and marking the quickest route to get there. Folk who know me have got used to it now though… for example, a bunch of people will stand talking in the path I’ve just marked out and a mate will immediately notice I’ve stopped listening to him and am now intently staring at these people and he’ll go, “They’re just talking, relax…” And I’ll say something like, “Yeh but why stand there and talk?” To which the response is usually, “Fuck’s sake, have another pint, you basket case…”

    But I am better at dealing with it these days.

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