For my Daughter: A poem by Seth Dombach (kloipy)


here is a poem I wrote for my daughter. She is the only gift I need for Father’s Day and I feel in need to celebrate her on this day.


I will never forget holding you for the first time

When I reached out to take you into my arms

It felt as if I was taking into my possession

The world’s most priceless gift

Like pulling something from between the stars

Out of the darkness you emerged and were welcomed into existence

You barely made a sound

When I held you I looked into your eyes

They looked so wide and it was as if you were pulling everything into them at once

You seemed to stare at me directly

It was from the moment that we bonded together permanently

To look at you knowing you came from me

To see that part of myself like an out of body experience

And we just continued staring at each other

You with your small features and spotless soul

We knew each other and we are each other

And you may carry me on with you someday

The code of me passed on perhaps

Along with that of my ancestors


And now years have passed on

Time, like a thief, has taken it from me

In what feels like the second I closed my eyes

Between staring at you

Though you still carry the features of that little one I held

I see the age of you becoming more and more apparent every day

You hold so much beauty in such a small frame

And your joy and your kindness moves me to tears when I think about you

The bond between you and I has grown deeper than I thought imaginable

Those moment’s that sneak up on me and hit me the deepest

The ones that are knowing and far more ethereal  than of this world

You teach me more about myself than I thought would be possible

And I’m humbled to be called your father


Some nights I quietly step into your room as you lay asleep

And I watch you breath in and out

In those moments of such quiet peace

Your face looks exactly as it did when I first saw you

So beautiful, serene, and wise beyond your time

I know my bond for you will never break

You will always be my little one even when we are both older

My hope for you is that you continue to be brave

And to be the beautiful you that you are

When I am gone someday I hope you always think of me fondly

And have thousands of memories to cull up when you are sad

I will always be with you

I will always love you

I will always be your father

You will always be my daughter

You will always be the greatest part of my life



17 thoughts on “For my Daughter: A poem by Seth Dombach (kloipy)

  1. Amazing.

    I think we had very similar experiences at their births. I was the first one to hold her, and she sat there with her eyes open, looking into mine. I’ll never forget that.

    • thanks my friend! Yeah, mine barely cried, just sat there taking everything in. It was so amazing. I can just tell that you are an awesome dad already. Your beautiful little girl is so lucky

      • Thanks, man. Obviously you are, as well. I totally agree with your sentiment about celebrating her instead of you. Me, my wife, and her dad (and of course the Peanut) are going to go to Woody’s for Father’s Day, which is a bad ass wood-fired pizza place. That’s all I really want…just to spend time with her.

      • Yeah, we never go out big or anything. I just like to spend time with the whole family together. that’s the best gift

  2. The naughty part of me wants to say just wait til she’s a teenager! 😉 But I’m just kidding. This is really beautiful. I hope that other fathers appreciate and take inspiration from this. It’s nice to share how you feel. 🙂

      • oh yeah, definitely. my own daughter is graduating this weekend from high school that is why your poem really struck a chord, Seth. good job. 😉

      • Oh man, I can’t believe that that day will someday hit me. I keep getting these flashes of the fact that someday (sooner than I’ll like) that she’ll not want me to pick her up and give her little cheek kisses and all that stuff. Goes by too fast

      • Oh yeah. It goes by fast bro. Seemed to me like in a blink of an eye she became a young adult and every time I look at her I still see my baby girl. Cherish every moment, man.

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