The Kloipy Projects: The Guarantee of Time


In life we like to lie to ourselves about our own mortality. We make plans for the future, we look ahead, we put off today what we can do tomorrow. It is a little stated idea that we have ‘Guaranteed Time’. A fallacy that we tell ourselves to deal with the fact that we will at some point cease to exist. It is easy to live with this idea because it makes us feel comfortable that we will have that extra time to do what we want to do in our lives. When we think of our own death we picture it as a long way off, where we will have that moment of clarity to say our last words while holding the hands of our loved ones, as we peacefully drift off into the unknown. Because this is the easy way to see our lives. That yearning we have to be in control of ourselves.

But when you really think of the truth of the matter is that we do not know how long we will be here. We could live to that idyllic moment where we share our last breath with the ones we love, but in reality we could go at any second. The only guarantee is that someday near or far, we will die.

This does not mean that we need to live in fear though. Death is always tragic regardless of the way you go because we leave those that love us behind to deal with the grief of our passing or vise versa.  We are the loved and the loved ones and that is just a part of our lives. Once we can accept this fact we can take better care of the life we do have.

Along with that comes responsibility on our own parts. I’ve had the moment where I’ve wished I would have just spent that extra time with someone I cared about before they were gone. It is always too late when we realize that we didn’t do as much as we could, or told those that we love just how much they meant to us. So that brings us to the project for this week.

The Guaranteed Time Project

Today, tomorrow, or whenever you read this post I want you to take a minute to catch up with those you love or have meant something to you. Even if you haven’t spoken to them in years. Call them; send them an email or a message on facebook. Whatever way you can communicate with them. Tell them why they mean so much to you, let them know that they are an important part of your life. Just let them know you are thinking of them, or have that conversation you’ve always wanted to have but were too afraid to.

Keep in mind that we are not guaranteed time. Every day could be our last, and we want to make the most of the very limited time we have in this world. Sometimes we can make a huge impact on someone when we didn’t even know they needed it. We are all in this world together, just trying to make sense of it, we only benefit by trying to make it a better place.

If you want to share that conversation you had please feel free to do it here or on your own space. But even if you don’t make sure to treat the time we have in being together and never leaving without sharing what we truly want to.


Until next time.



13 thoughts on “The Kloipy Projects: The Guarantee of Time

  1. This one’s too sad for me to think too hard on (see my last comment out here). Great post though!

  2. In life we like to lie to ourselves about our own mortality.

    Have to disagree because I don’t. I know I walk on the edge and have fallen a few times.

    • I try not to lie to myself about it at all. I find comfort in the fact that it is something that is absolute and to try and make the most out of my life while I have it

  3. When my grandmother had a surgery, I decided to see her in the hospital because it had been a long time and I knew being in a hospital was hard. It was only ten or so minutes, but I’m glad I went because she never healed properly and was gone a week later. You never know, so take advantage of the time you have, which is now.
    Good post, bud, very thoughtful.

    • thanks my friend. I’ve been there before as well. It is never easy. One of my good friends died of cancer when he was only 19. I couldn’t make myself go down to see him one last time as I knew it would be that, and for a long time I really was ashamed of myself that I couldn’t. The older I get the more I’m trying to appreciate and not take life for granted.

  4. Life is short its we r not promised tomorrow love everyone every and always leave things on good terms!

  5. Thoughtful, as always.

    Yeh, I’m very aware of my own mortality. But honestly, I’m not in the mood to think about it – I’ve thought about it it enough in the past already! I wonder more about what comes next now…

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