On Stopping for Directions: a poem by Seth Dombach (Kloipy)


Here is a new poem (and photo) I wrote. I hope you all enjoy it


When looking for directions

It is always best to look in the out of the way places

Corners that are held like a time capsule

Whose age and wisdom are preserved in the very air

A man who sits on his porch

Looking over a field of corn

Will tell you more direction than any road map or satellite can

The wrinkles of his face

Like mountains and canyons

Hold the information that you seek

But not that you thought you needed


His voice may come through like stones grinding together

Like the shifting plates in the earth

Listen close enough and you can hear eternity in his words

It is the ones who sit silently staring that contain the most

Think of them not as quiet

But as contemplating

Beings who; through their own choice

Have grasped what is too difficult to discover


If you’ve become lost

Push yourself to seek what you were unaware

Was right before you

The answer is not in the destination

But in the way there