Changes Here and a New Site There

Hey guys! Just wanted to first let you know I’m not dead and I’ll have some new stuff posted here soon. I’ve been trying to focus more on writing and feel bad that I haven’t had much content up lately.

This site is going to be going through some changes. I’ve decided to stop posting some content here. Mostly my photography, music, or pretty much anything relating to film reviews. I want this site to be more about short stories, poetry, essays, the Kloipy Projects (a new one is coming soon), and more of that sort of content.

With that being said I will continue to post my photography, but from now on I will be doing it under my own name on a brand new site. It is called (you can click the link to go over there)

Seth Dombach Photography

I still love this site and will continue to keep it updated regularly with what I consider much more meaningful content, but I want it to be more streamlined in regards to where my passions lie.

As always, I love having the visitors here, along with all the friends I’ve made from this webpage. I hope you continue to enjoy reading what I have to write as much as I enjoy making it.


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