The Hate and the Love: an essay


Allow me to stand on a soap box for a moment: This may be long but I feel it needs to be said:
Robert Belton; a WW2 vet was brutally beaten to death by two teenagers the other night. The news has made a point to headline the news with telling that the teens who killed this man were black. Not just the horrible news that a man was murdered, but that his killers were of a specific race, as if that fact had to be made a point of. Now, people are outraged that this story has been supposedly hidden by the media because Belton was white. They are using the example of Trayvon Martin to prove this supposed bias.

You know what outrages me? The fact that EVERY SINGLE DAY I see that someone was brutally murdered, or someone was raped, or some other horrible news. Just today I saw a picture on the news of a Syrian mother holding her dead child in her arms who had been killed by chemical weapons. I’m outraged by US as a world.

It is 2013. In a few days it will be 50 years since Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech. How much have we let the dream of King’s die? Again, it is 2013 and we STILL are holding on to hatred of someone because of their skin color or the region they were born. As a society we continue to bridge the gap between us. I did not ask to be born white. No one asks to be born the way they are. We are all just born. Born into this world, and at the deepest level, we are all just pretending that we have any idea why we are here or what if anything this life means.

And with that said, we only have a SHORT time on this planet. We are all going to die and become a distant memory in what is nothing but a blink of an eye of the time of this universe. And to this day we hang on to this hatred, greed, and destruction. We should be outraged by the fact that anyone would take someone’s life, not because they are white or black, but because it is abhorrent to kill someone. Why add the fuel of hatred to an issue that is a problem of society instead of working to fix it?

Prejudice and bigotry come from a lack of education and an unwillingness to understand someone who is different from themselves. It is a learned behavior! And to continue these ideas it perpetuate this same hatred on generation after generation. If we would expend half the energy we put into being outraged into actually fixing the problem, we could change the world. But instead of that we continue to cycle it on and on.

Martin Luther King’s dream has not died, but it has been sorely forgotten. You can call me idealistic to believe we can live in a world that can let go of this hatred and prejudice, but as far as ideals go, why isn’t this something we can aspire to be? We’ve evolved as a species, we’ve invented amazing things, and when things go badly we can rally together to help each other. Why can’t we live this way each day? If we take the time to love each other a little more, understand each other a little more, we could make this a better place. Not only for ourselves, but for our children, and those generations on past us.


9 thoughts on “The Hate and the Love: an essay

  1. I agree. But there’s one problem; as Jarvis Cocker so eloquently put it, ‘cunts are still running the world.’ And while that remains the case, what hope have we of ever effecting change?

    I also saw the dead Syrian mother and child on the news. It has gone beyond insanity. Where’s it all going to end?

    • That’s part of the problem. It is like standing at the bottom of a mountain trying to level it with a spoon. I don’t know where we have to go, or where to start, but we can’t continue to function the way we do now.

      The other intelligent life out in the universe sure won’t come to see us any time soon.

  2. Amazing essay, Seth. As a Hispanic man with children who are bi-racial I have taught my children to accept people and love everyone despite of their race, creed or religion. I still see discrimination in Government and even Churches here where I live but as a whole my community is a peaceful and tolerant place. Not so in so many other regions. Look at what happened to Christopher Lane and the murder of Belton is a fucking travesty. Why shouldn’t his murder get as much coverage as any other brutal murder?
    I have not seen the footage of the poor Syrian woman and her deceased child. I don’t think I can stomach that at this point. I did see the CNN coverage and saw video of dead children lined up in the streets covered by sheets. I almost cried. We are so desensitized by all this madness that it all seems like a blur. I feels like we all need a flow chart to follow all the evil bullshit that is going on in the world. I am glad you posted this piece bro. Very true and very heartfelt. I will pass it along, man. Great job and I hope you are well!

    • Vic- thank you my friend. It still baffles me that in this day and age we can still be so backwards in our beliefs, actions, and priorities. I was taught since birth to accept everyone, and it is how I’m trying to raise my daughter as well. Like you said it is this total desenitization of these atrocities that is hurting us so badly. We need, as a collective world, to wake up and address this problem before it is too late.

  3. i think some people need to realize the reason Zimmerman got so much attention is because he wasn’t charged. The killers of Lane and Belton thankfully have not escaped punishment.

    I feel like so many people are looking for any opportunity they can to create a race war, and its fucking scary.Coming from a interracial family i don’t think cooperation/understanding is impossible, but to accomplish that one needs to be able to listen…and that seems like a lost art

    • Definitely. People want to place all the blame on ‘the media’, and for sure they play their part in it, but the general population is as much to blame for perpetuating this.

  4. To be fair, liberals, liberal blacks & the civil rights industry politicized the Trayvon thing in the first place. Many to demonize whites, though Zimmerman isn’t white & many to attack the Constitution for their own political agendas.
    So, tit for tat, there was some media that pointed out (rightly) that black on black crime is rampant (fact) & that blacks do indeed attack whites for being white (also, factual). Though the Belton incident was just about some lowlife trash that killed him for other reasons.
    We don’t live under a rainbow. There have always been violent crimes. The fact is, violent crime is down in the US. Also, in a 24/7 media environment we hear about everything, all the time.
    I wouldn’t be too worried about it, humanity is what it is & that includes the sharp edges of life & death.
    As a country, we’ve come a very long way & it’s not as bad as some would like you to believe. The civil rights industry depends on you believing that things are unchanged. Society changed itself. Not necessarily because of King, Jesse Jackson or Sharpton, either. There was no revolution or people forcing the issue. Starting with Eisenhower & the politicians back then, equality was legislated & became part of the American mindset. A little, at first, then more. It just changed because of social evolution, technology & equity. It will still take more time. These things can’t be rushed & the planet already still wonders why the US is obsessed with race.
    Nice healthy rant, though. Keep it up!

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