On Fall Mornings


Poem and Photo by Kloipy (Seth Dombach)

It has been far too long

On rambling days when the heat makes the sweat roll like rain

And long hot nights spread out forever

But now the mornings come with a crisp reminder

That change is coming soon

The cool air that hits like a wave

Refreshing, rebuilding, and subtle in power

You stare just a bit more

At things that you would once give little pause to

Take a sunrise

One that normally would pass you by

Now its intensity beckons you

You wrap your arms around you

Holding on to the warmth inside

As you watch the growth of another day

The smell of the season is on the air

Under your feet leaves crunch and swish

It may be the color that draws you in

But it is something else, something deeper

That unnamed feeling of self-interest

Providing insight into eternity

Understanding that though we are not physically immortal

We do live on

We go back and give back and are breathed throughout time