Acceptance: A Poem


Hey guys, here’s a new poem I wrote, hope you like it:


Acceptance: by Seth Dombach

Acceptance is a foreign word
Most men find hard to take
Understanding is another word
That cause men’s hearts to break

The dream of peace is just a dream
We wish we stayed asleep
We reach to find the memory
But lose it in the deep

We seem to kill each other
O’er the slightest little thing
Deep down we know the song of life
We just refuse to sing

Are we not unlike a parasite
That feeds upon it’s host?
We eat up all that’s beautiful
Our trash will be our ghost

And when the last of us breathes no more
Will the Earth reclaim it’s place?
And soon the plants will cover us
The soil; the human race

Love is just a funny word
Taken lightly by the men
But Death will be the final word
For us, but not for them