Some Quick Thoughts on the Universe


This is a long one so hold on tight: The next time you visit the beach, think on this: Take a handful of sand back with you, just one handful, and lay it out on a table. Now count each individual grain of sand. Most likely it will take you all day. Now think about how many grains of sand would just one stretch of beach. Too many to ever count. As the brillaint Carl Sagan said; there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand in all the beaches combined on Earth.

For perspective, look at the first image I’ve attached to this post. We can see so many stars from where we are, but that is not even close to the amount in our own galaxy. Our Sun is the closest star to us and even it is over 93 million miles away, and so big we could fit a million Earths inside of it. And yet, the biggest star we’ve observed, Y Canus Majoris, is so much larger than the sun that it would take a plane flying 900km per hour over a thousand years to circle it just 1 time. Now in the second picture, those are not stars. Those are galaxies. Hundreds of thousands of them, just in one dark spot in the sky that the Hubble took a picture of. There are hundreds of BILLIONS of galaxies in the observable universe. So vast, so large is our universe that it is hard to even fathom. But we could only be 1 of infinite multi-verses. Nothing is more truly awesome and humbling as that. But, the only thing that may trump that, is that we are made up of the universe. The same elements in the stars, comprise us. We as a species seek so much to find meaning, to look for more to life than just what we have at this moment. To be rewarded in one of the many afterlives we’ve been able to think up on our time on this planet in this form. Having ego, makes the self think that it is seperate, to truly believe that we are unique wholly, and therefore must continue on in this same form after our bodies perish.

But what if that is just us coming to terms that this form of ourselves is mortal? We seperate ourselves from everything, from the rocks and trees, to the animals, even to the pigmentation of our skin. But observing the fact that we are made up of the same elements and are not seperate but IN and OF the Universe, why should we not BE the universe as well? What if everything that happens in the universe, we are a part of, because we are it? This stage of self is only experiencing life in this manner. When we die, we transform back to the elements, but we don’t disappear. In one way you can see it as reincarnation. The universe itself is in a constant reincarnation, and from death, life springs. We would not be here if not for the death and birth of stars. It is not only inspiring, but it is needed, that we think on these things while we have the chance to ponder them. These lives we live are so much like those grains of sand in terms to time in our universe. Let us strive to go further, to know more, to be kind to each other and the lives around us, because really we are all the same, we are all one, and we will remain that way eternally.


13 thoughts on “Some Quick Thoughts on the Universe

  1. You describe it as humbling, i think of it as super depressing! You’ve made me understand how insignificant we all are! And i was already having a shitty day. Thanks a lot asshole!

  2. Amazing! Especially loved your closing lines! “Let us strive to go further, to know more, to be kind to each other and the lives around us, because really we are all the same, we are all one, and we will remain that way eternally.”

  3. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives…

    I’m not sure that quote exactly fits but, hey – any excuse to use it… Lol πŸ˜‰

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