What’s to be said about what has been said over and over again? Another day and another tragedy. It’s only a problem when it is a mass, when people die every day. Welcome to the church of violence and prepare for the bullet communion. Stay tuned we have 24/7 full coverage, with up to the minute updates. Look! From this angle and you can see where the blood splattered on the ground. Let’s close in on a close up of the dead and dying. Let’s take it all in. And through the tears and the madness we order our grande pumpkin spice latte and bitch about how long it is taking because these minimum wage assholes can’t get our order right the second we bark our NEEEEEEEEEEEDSSSSS. And yet we need good guys with guns, guns with good guys. Guns don’t kill people, people with guns kills people, and people with knives kill people, and people with bombs kills people, and people with hands kill people, and we kill and kill and kill. And wait let’s hold a vigil for the fallen but that’s taking it far enough because to focus on the real problem takes too much work and we are already too tired from crying.


We want change but don’t want to change. It’s so easy to be outraged and that’s just dandy. The American dream with a finger on the trigger, the trigger warning, but look let’s watch as a city too far away from us to care is bombed back to oblivion but that doesn’t matter because it is too far away. We have borders for reasons to care less to hurt less because those people aren’t yet our children. It’s time for the Hollywood biopic, the book deal, the smash hit single waiting to play between Katy Perry and the wacky dj with the fart machine. A moment of silence is but a moment and then it’s back to that fucking asshole who didn’t go right away when the light turned green. Makes you want to hurt them, if only you had a gun. So let’s pop more pills to still the demons, so we can show up to church on Sunday and call someone a faggot on Monday. Keep putting band-aids on band-aids until the problem can’t be seen. Sweep it under the rug till the kids find it and blow themselves away. Gotta stay true to the red, white, and blue anyone not for us is against us. Don’t like it get out of MY country and find a new one to pull yourself up from your bootstraps, let’s put a boot in the ass of the earth, and nuke the planet, till there is nothing left but a husk. Remember us by the blackened craters left on the face of the world.


Until then, let’s watch the TV and let them tell us how to think, and let’s shed a tear for another group of people until we are able to start forgetting it until the next time. If we pretend it doesn’t affect us, we can go to sleep happy and worry about it for another day.

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